According to Indeed, “Business skills are skills that help people understand the consumer and organizational behavior and use this information to promote the success of the company. Business skills are often considered soft skills and may include team management, leadership and communication skills“. So, business skills are really important. These skills can help you build a business, build a website, sell things, make money, etc.

I already have some business skills. I do landscaping (snow shoveling, leaf raking, lawn mowing, etc.) for my local neighborhood. One year, I did snow shoveling for three houses, and I got one hundred and seventy-five dollars out of it. The way I got the word around that I was doing snow shoveling is my dad and I made flyers and passed them around our neighborhood.

Business skills can help you find and create a business that suits you and make a lot of money. It can also help you if you learn it at a young age so you can get better over the years at creating a business.

My favorite business is creating a website, like this blog, that can help people. I am thinking of building a website that I can get money from. Like a website that I can sell stuff on. I also like graphics design. It is also very important to website builders.

Business skills are essential skills that every business developer needs to know. Business skills are also very important to those who want to create a business.

This is the sixth and last of these papers. I am getting very tired of these essay’s.

In this essay, the business opportunity which most intrigued me is yard work. I want to do this because I want to help my local community with there yard work since a lot of them are old people. I would do tree trimming, leaf raking, snow shoveling, mowing, or just clean up the yard. Like pick up toys, sticks, etc. I can help them get to know my business by putting a sign that says my business on the mailbox, I could put my business on face book (maybe), I could put flyers around the neighborhood and in people’s mailboxes, and I could do a whole lot more. But, there could be trouble for my business. Like competition. There could be another kid whose doing the same thing as me, and that always means that I have to get better and my business has to get better, or else I might go out of business. There might be other problems, like I do not know how to drive yet, and what if someone far away asks for my help and my parents can not drive me, or someone needs me to do something and I do not have the tools? These are great problems. I can make money doing this by putting the price of my business on my flyers or any other way I can get customers. This, however, is not a permanent job. This is just like a “stepping stone” for the way to owning an actual business.

I have lost count on how many of these essays I wrote.

The business opportunity which most intrigued me is animal care. By “animal care” I mean, taking care of people’s animals when they can not, babysitting animals, walking dogs, working in a pet store, being a veterinarian, etc. Do you want to know why I have chosen this topic as “The business opportunity which most intrigued me”? Well, I love animals so much. My mom actually thinks that I have a special “way” with animals.

Also, they are God’s creation. And as it says in the Bible, we need to be good stewards of his Creation. In Genesis 2:15 it says, The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. This is a passage on God giving Adam stewardship of the Garden of Eden. You see, God gave man the stewardship of Creation from the beginning of time (if that is what you call the beginning of the earth). So it is a blessing and responsibility to take care of God’s Creation. If I were to work with animals, that would mean that I am taking care of God’s Creation, and that is a blessing.

I would also just love to work with animals. I bet that everyone who reads this would agree with me that baby animals are cute, right? I think so too. Working with cute animals would be amazing. I own two rabbits today (12/8/2021). Also me and my siblings share an ADORABLE cat named Treasure. We named her that because she is a golden color (rare for female cats), she was a stray about two weeks old when we found her in our yard (God lead her to use. If it wasn’t for her cuteness, mom and dad wouldn’t have let use keep her), and she loves every  single one of us. I love animals.

This the fourth time I have written about this topic. I am getting very tired of it.

I would like to be an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur is someone who makes things to help people and then mass produce them and sell them. To be an Entrepreneur, you have to identify a problem in the world, research it, and make something new that has never been made before that helps with the problem. To sell something, you have to have a place to make the products, right? Where do you get the money to buy or build the factory to make the products? With what money do you buy the things to make the products? These are all great questions that probably every Entrepreneur have asked themselves. The answer is to get an investor. An investor is someone who gives an Entrepreneur the money they need to build their company. All you have to do is to present your invention to an investor. And if the investor thinks that it will do good on the market, then the investor will give the Entrepreneur the money that they need to build their company. Once the invention does good and makes a lot of  money, then the Entrepreneur will give the investor the money that the investor gave them to start a business. However, if the investor gives you money and the invention does not do good and you do not make a lot of money, then they are in big trouble. But the successful Entrepreneurs make a lot of money.

This is the third essay that I have written about the same subject. I do not know why, but my teacher just wants me to do it. In this third essay he wants me to tell of some more business ideas that intrigued me. It is getting a little boring, to be honest.

The new business idea that most intrigued me is LEGOs. I have loved building LEGOs since I was very little. I still love making them. They are like my new favorite thing (besides reading). I would love to work in a place were they made LEGOs. It would be so much fun.

Another business idea which most intrigued me is herpetology. Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. I have loved reptiles for as long as I can remember (not so much as amphibians though). I have always been fascinated by their shape, size, color, how they catch food, how they live, etc. There used to be a summer reading program at our public library and every time, I got books about reptiles. Well, actually, every time we went there period for the last year or two, I have been getting books about reptiles every time. This summer I may even get the chance to work at a reptile pet store (the Tie-dyed-Iguana) and work there over the summer. It would be so amazing if I could. Then I would have a real job! Reptiles are amazing creatures made by God. Only he could make reptiles so amazing and fascinating.

The business opportunity which most intrigued me is rabbit selling. It is basically what I am doing right now, raising rabbits, breeding them, and then selling the babies. It is what I am doing right now. I love working with rabbits. They are very cute and cuddly. They are also not hard to take care of. You just feed and water them every day and your OK. It is a very easy job. It is also a very easy job for beginners just starting a business (If you want to get into rabbit selling, you can buy one of my rabbits. Just call 618-444-8799. Even if you don’t want to do some rabbit selling, than you can still buy one for a pet. They make very good pets.). Everyone loves rabbits.

Right now (the day I wrote this essay: Wednesday, November 3, 2021) my business of rabbit selling is very small. Just two full grown mother rabbits. Here is my idea of how to grow my rabbit business.

I could breed my rabbits with my cousin Theo’s rabbit to make babies (his rabbit he actually bought from me from an earlier breed of rabbits I had). I could post my business on Facebook so that millions of people can see my business and might want to buy some rabbits. The first time I got into rabbit selling I did that. Also the first time I got into rabbit selling I sold female rabbits for thirty dollars and male rabbits for twenty dollars. I hope I can get back into selling my rabbits again.

There was a couple businesses that caught my attention. I’ll tell you about them.

First, yard work. Yard work is not that hard. Plus my dad has also been teaching me how to mow lawns, trim branches, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc. Also, it pays good. I can get a lot of money out of it. I can even use the money to improve my business and make more money! Also I get to help people do their yard work when their too old or too sick to do it (or they just can not do it). It makes me feel good about myself when I know that I helped people do the  things which they can not do.

The second thing is babysitting. There are two advantages to babysitting. First, I get to take care of little kids so that the adults can have some private time alone away from the kids, and it makes me feel good about myself when I know that I helped them get that kind of privacy away from the kids. The second  thing is that I get to hang out with kids. Right now, I am not that good with little kids, and if I make this a business then I will get better with little kids and they will like me more. I have a bunch of little siblings and cousins that I am not that good with, and if I do this, than I will get to know them better and they will like me more.

These subjects, cash and accrual accounting, are very different from each other. In this essay, I will say in what way that they are different. The cash method is a more immediate recognition of revenue and expenses. The accrual method focuses on anticipated revenue and expenses.

The cash method is when you have a notebook or a folder or anything that you keep track of stuff in and you write down when you received cash, how much cash you received, etc. You also write down when you send out cash, how much cash you send out, etc. It’s pretty simple. According to Accounting Made Simple by Mike Piper, “The problem with the cash method, however, is that it doesn’t always reflect the economic reality of a situation.” This method is used mostly by businesses that are small and for personal finances.

“The accrual method records revenue when a product or service is delivered to a customer with the expectation that money will be paid in the future.” according to Investopedia. So the accrual method (with a lot of descriptiveness) records money generated from normal business operations when a system supplying a public need is delivered to the person who needs it with the expectation that money will be paid later on in the future. The problem with this method is that it does not track cash flow.

If you are starting a business than I suggest that you use the cash method. As your business grows than you should change to the accrual method. Maybe you can even use both methods at the same time!

Product-based companies are companies that sell products. Products are like things that you use in your every day lives (and no, food does not count). These types of products can be toys, clothes, cooking utensils, etc. Examples of product-based companies are Target, Walmart, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, etc. In this essay I am going to tell you my top four favorite product based companies and why I like them.

#4. Walmart. Walmart is great. It has hundreds of products that we use, like shoes. Every time me and my brothers need new shoes we always go to Walmart to get new shoes. Everything there is somewhat cheap.

#3. Target. Target is a great place to go if you need stuff for cats and dogs, an amazing place to get a present or a card for someone, and me and my family just love it. Every time we need to get camping supplies or makeup (for mom) or just a present, we go there.

#2. Amazon. Amazon is an epic place to go on the internet if you want to get something that does not sell in stores. My parents use it all the time if they want to get me a book for school, and you can type up the product you want on Amazon search and it goes straight to it! You can even buy things that are out of stock.

#1. Google. Google is the greatest. I use it all the time. People use it to search up information on the internet. It is also extremely popular for a lot of people. I use it every day for school purposes. It really helps.

Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process is: 1) Get attention, 2) Identify the problem or need, 3) Position your product (or service) as the solution, 4) Prove your case, 5) Ask for the order. If your are thinking of starting a business, this essay will help you (I hope).

Step 1: Get attention. To sell something you need to get the buyers attention. You may do anything to get their attention. Many restaurants or other businesses have billboards next to the highway or the road to get people interested in coming to their restaurants or using their businesses. Many little kids have lemonade stands and put a sign in front to tell people walking or driving by that there is a lemonade stand there and maybe get them to by a cup. There are many other ways to get people’s attention like an add on the internet.

Step 2: Identify the problem or need. This is easy. In the last step I mentioned billboards or signs as a way of getting attention. On those billboards you might say: “If you are having trouble with (a problem or need) than (your business name) can sure help with that!”

Step 3: Position your product (or service) as the solution. Your billboard might also say: “Here is how my business can help, (how your business can help).” That is how the third step works.

Step 4: Prove your case. This is also said as answer his questions. Pretty much all buyers have questions about your business, like, “Will this really help me?” Well, obviously your billboard or sign can not answer questions so they might try to look it up on the internet to see if it will really help them. Some sellers (or salespeople) try to sell people stuff face-to-face. This is like door-to-door selling where a salesperson walks up to a random persons door and does all of the steps that I have talked about and even answers peoples questions about the business.

Step 5: Ask for the order. also said as close the case. The salesperson after answering peoples questions asks them if they want to try the business. If they say no or not right now, better luck next time.  If they say yes, great for you! You call in an order for them and if they like it then they may tell their friends.

I hope this essay helped you. If you think I am missing something please give me feedback.