What did Professor Hasnas mean when he claimed that the idea of the rule of law is a myth? The rule of law is a political idea that all citizens and institutions within a specific community, state, country, etc. are all under the same law, including the people who make these laws, and the leaders. It can be simplified by the statement “no one is above the law”. However, Professor Hasnas at Georgetown University Law Center claims that the rule of law is a myth. What does he mean by this? According to taylorfrancis.com, “This chapter begins with what is intended as an entertaining reprise of the main jurisprudential arguments designed to show that there is no such thing as a government of laws and not people and that the belief that there is constitutes a myth that serves to maintain the public’s support for society’s power structure.” (“This chapter” refers to Hasnas’s book Anarchy and the Law, the chapter titled The Myth of the Rule of Law.)

Professor Casey claims that the idea of political representation is an empty one. How does he defend this argument? Basically, political representation is when politicians represent the citizens and they act in the best interest of the citizens, making the citizens “present” in public policy-making processes. How does Professor Casey defend his argument that the idea of political representation is an empty idea? He once said that representation is insufficient to cover the brutal fact that despite our sophisticated modern states, the elegant rhetoric, and persuasive propaganda, some rule, and others are ruled.

What are the different African government successes for different African economies? There are many different examples of African governments, but I will mention two of the most well-known.

One of the worst ones was Zaire under Mobutu Sese Seko. Zaire had rich copper mines and experienced an economic boom in the 1970s with copper prices rising. Zaire became prosperous because of this. However, this wealth was absorbed by the government and mainly Mobutu. He spent enormous sums of money on monuments and palaces. He made himself one of the world’s wealthiest men. He also launched the African “authenticity” program. Basically, Africans were to replace their Christian names with African names, they could not wear Western clothing, Christmas was canceled, and Mobutu’s portraits were in all the churches. He also drove out Asian merchants and Belgian technicians and businessmen. And when copper prices fell in the 1980s, his economic boom ended. And of course he had to invite the Asian’s and Belgian’s back. He also had high price inflation. He also had high debt. In summary, this form of government was a total failure.

The other one was Kenya under Jomo Kenyatta. He did not socialize the economy, he retained capitalist incentives, he did not tax people incredibly high, Kenya did not have mineral deposits, and less than 20% of its land was suitable for farming. Yet, Kenya did much better than Zaire did. He did not tax people to death. He did not drive out Europeans, in fact, he wanted their know-how, so that Africans could learn from them and have an even more prosperous society. Tourism and foreign investment were even encouraged. There was also the one-party rule. So you can see the massive differences between these two countries.

What are some of the major arguments advanced by the Public Choice school of economics? What is the public choice theory in economics? According to Wikipedia, “Public choice refers to the behavior and process of what public goods are provided, how they are provided and distributed, and the corresponding matching rules are established. Public choice theory expects to study and influence people’s public choice processes to maximize their social utility.” What are some of the major arguments? According to Econlib, “Public choice economists make the same assumption—that although people acting in the political marketplace have some concern for others, their main motive, whether they are voters, politicians, lobbyists, or bureaucrats, is self-interest.

What is front-loading? According to the dictionary, front-loading means to “distribute or allocate (costs, effort, etc.) unevenly, with the greater proportion at the beginning of the enterprise or process.” It basically means to over-promise what it can deliver.

What is political engineering? It is when the military (or any other organization) spreads around a project to different infirmaries to make sure the job gets done. For example, if an organization wanted to build a plane, one infirmary would build one part of the plane, another infirmary would build another part, and another infirmary would put the pieces together, forming an airplane.

In my school, I have been required to read How to ARGUE with a LIBERAL… AND WIN!, and this book has been very interesting. My teacher has told me to pick any chapter of this book, and write the topic, “How could voluntary arrangements solve this problem if the state did not impose the politics of plunder?” on it. So, I have chosen to write on the chapter “Government should control prices, but not people.”

First of all, is it at all possible that the government can control prices without controlling the people? The answer is no. Let me tell you why. “If you look at it extremely closely, you will see that the government is actually controlling the people. The government is using price controls to make the people produce products at a specific amount, sell them at a specific price, and it also makes people buy a limited amount of the product that the people need.” (You can read more on this topic in my essay titled “Price controls are people controls“). So the government uses price controls to set prices, controls the amount of products being produced, controls what price the companies should sell the products for, and controls how much the people can buy.

So how could voluntary arrangements solve this problem if the state did not impose the politics of plunder? One thing that you could do is you could budget. If you budget, you will have a plan on how much money you spend on a service, or item. That way, you will know if you can afford to spend money on a specific thing.

    Should cities offer free Wi-Fi? Well, I think so. Wi-Fi is very important to our every day lives. I homeschool and I do computer school. If we had to pay for Wi-Fi, then I would probably still be doing paces. 

    We use Wi-Fi all the time. My mother uses it every single day. If we had to pay for it, then I don’t know if we would be using it at all! I am so glad that Wi-Fi is free and we don’t have to pay for it.

     Maybe you thought of moving to another city. A city that has great churches to worship God in. A city that has great stores to grocery shop in. Maybe even a city to raise your family in. If you are then I bet your thinking ” What is he you talking about. What city could ever be that good?”

    Well look no further because we’ve got it all right here in Fairveiw Heights Illinos. We have great churches and great stores. We even have great homes to raise your family in. We also have great restaurants and so  much more. Yes, Fairview Heights has it all.    

     You will not believe what I saw on the internet. A $20,000 washing machine! That is so much money. Now, the average American household does not own a $20,000 washing machine, but they are still pretty expensive. The average cost of a washing machine and dryer combo is between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars.

    Now, would you be willing to pay that much money? If you are, then think about how much money you would be spending if you were spending it on your washing machine, water, detergent, and a lot more. Just going to dry cleaning is so much easier. They clean, wash, and iron your clothes for you. That’s still a lot of money for anybody.

     2,000 people die every year from thunderstorms. Many people die from getting hit by thunder bolts. 3 weeks ago, six people died because of a forest fire caused by a thunderstorm. There are so many people who die because of thunderstorms.  2 weeks ago, a man was killed in his car by a tree falling on it because of a lightning bolt striking the tree.

    Thunderstorms also cause flash flooding because of heavy rain. Many people die because of flash flooding. Several people died because of drowning in floods caused by thunderstorms. Thunderstorms even cause high winds which can kill you if you are not paying attention. You’ve got to be careful during a thunderstorm or you’ll end up like one of the people who died because of a thunderstorm.


 School is necessary for tons of reasons.Like to teach you things about math and history. School is very important for you if you want to get a good job and live a good life. And it’s not only school it teaches you.It Also teaches you life lessons like discipline and diligence and obedience. So try hard to learn your school next time you are doing school.

Have you ever hated school or had trouble with your school? I know I have. But school really is not that bad. All it is is learning things that you will need in the future. It also teaches you discipline, diligence, and obedience. Those are very important character traits. So next time you do your school,do it diligently and with obedience.

Imagine yourself doing your school obediently and diligently and happily. Now, you may not like your school. You may even hate it. But, school is important for you whether you like it or not. It also builds up important character traits like diligence, discipline, and obedience. So next time you do your school, do it diligently and with obedience.

    Now, there was an American Army Fleet on patrol about ten miles from the nearest land. Suddenly, there was a crackle on the radio.” What is it ?” asked the captain. “I don’t know “, said the sergeant. “I’ve never heard anything like it before.” “Replay it please,” said the captain. The sergeant replayed the sound on the radio.”Sergeant” said the captain “I’d like to see you and the lieutenant in my quarters in five minutes.”

    Five minutes later, the captain, the sergeant, and the lieutenant are in the captain’s quarters discussing what they have received over the radio. The captain started the discussion by saying “a little over five minutes ago, we received an unidentified radian signal. I called this meeting to discuss what it means and where it came from.” “Maybe we caught a new enemy broadcasting signals,” said the lieutenant. “No, that can’t be,” said the captain, this is new.” The sergeant and lieutenant look at each other with scared expressions on their faces. “Please don’t tell me what I think your thinking,” said the sergeant. The captain looked at his desk and said”aliens.” Just then a crewman came down and said”Sirs, you better come see this.” The four of them went up to the deck. There was a large speck in the distance. The Captain looked through his telescope at the speck. What he saw was something that looked like an alien starship. Then little starships came out of the big one. “What is it?” asked the sergeant. “Just as I suspected,” said the captain “aliens, battle stations everyone!” 

    All Martian ships had a metallic look. They both had two lasers, one on each wing. The ships had a torpedo look. The Martian ships their attack on the smallest ship and destroyed it. “Launch all jets!” commanded the captain. The aircraft carrier launched all jets as the captain had commanded. Soon, there was an aircraft war in the skies with half of the enemy’s ships. The other half attacked the ships. “Focus all fire on the enemy starships!” commanded the captain. All battleships fired on the enemy starships as the captain had commanded. The enemy ships destroyed the aircraft carrier and two-thirds of the fleet and one-quarter of all the jets. “Sir, we have to retreat,” said the sergeant. “Yes,” said the captain, “get me the submarine. Five minutes later he was in the submarine headed away from the battle. The captain kept  thinking in the submarine, “Who or what can stop these horrible beasts?”

Mind Map:
  1. Zoo
    1. Why I like it
      1. We see lots of animals
      2. We get exercise
        1. walking
        2. running
    2. Location
      1. St. Louis
    3. #1 Zoo in the whole country
  2. Six Flags
    1. Why I like it
      1. It is a big place
      2. It has so many rides and activities
        1. Superman Tower of Power
        2. Ring Toss
    2. Location
      1. Eureka, Missouri
    3. Great place for family fun time
  3. Church
    1. Why I like it
      1. We do Trail Life there
      2. We do AWANA there
      3. We get to learn about God
      4. Good place to hang out with friends
    2. Location
      1. Fairview Heights, Illinois
    3. Great place to learn about God