What would I miss the most and what would I miss the least if I went back in time to the 1955? I gotta say, it would be a lot, but I will tell you some of my top ones.

What would I miss the most if I went back in time to 1955? Honestly, I would miss my family and friends. That is the number 1 thing I would miss. My family and friends mean everything to me. I cannot imagine a world without them. I would also miss the technology of today’s age. The cars, computers, phones, etc. The technology we have today makes our lives so much better. We use it every day. Also music. I love music, but I do not like the music made in that time, I like the music of this age better. Plus, I know almost nothing about that age. How would I know what to do or how to fit in? I would just be confused the whole time.

And what would I miss the least? Honestly, it would be the politics. The political leaders of today and the politics of today are terrible. I really do not like today’s government. But other than that, I would rather stay in today’s age.