This year has been the craziest year of my life. Two months ago, we were in slavery when a guy named Moses, who used to be an Egyptian prince, told us that he was going to free us from Egypt. We didn’t think he could, because Pharoh would never let us go. The next day, Moses did wonderful signs to try to make Pharoh let us go.

First, we didn’t have any water because Moses turned all the water in the land of Egypt to blood, but Pharoh would not let us go. Then, we had to deal with frogs, but Pharoh would still not let us go. Then, we had to deal with lice, but Pharoh would still not let us go. Thank the Lord the plagues 4-10 did not harm us. Only plagues 1-3 harmed us. The 4th plague was flies, the 5th plague was animal livestock dying, the 6th plague was boils on the Egyptians, the 7th was hailstones and storms, the 8th was locust (grasshoppers), and the 9th was darkness, but Pharoh would still not let us go. We were safe from plagues 4-9 at Goshen.

Now the last plague was tragic for all the Egyptians, even Pharoh. It was when the angel of death killed all the firstborn of all the Egyptian families. We were to prepare for this plague by putting lamb’s blood on the doorposts and lintel on the Hebrew houses. That night, the Angel of Death passed over the houses with the lamb blood on it, but it killed all the firstborn of the Egyptians. After that plague, Pharoh finally let us go. Who knows what lies ahead?

The Egyptians were fascinated with their death and the afterlife. We see this because of their interest in spirits. There are two spirits, the Ha and the Ba. After you die, the Ba goes to watch over your family and the Ha goes to enjoy a certain kind of land. At night, they go to the tomb in which the person of whom they belong to rest for the next day. The Egyptians painted food pictures on the walls of the tomb so the spirits could turn the food pictures into real food, so they could eat and live eternally.

The Egyptians make someone a mummy when they die. To make a mummy, the Egyptians first take the brain out through the nose. Then they take out the internal organs and store them in canopy jars. They put the body in oils then leave it in the oils for about 70 days. After those 70 days, they wrap the body in linen, then put the mummy in a sarcophagus, then they bury it.

The Egyptians don’t just bury people in the ground. They were also buried in pyramids. They said that if you were really rich, you could be buried with your riches, but the holes in the ground weren’t big enough for all the dead person’s riches, so they built huge pyramids so a dead person can be buried in it and hold all of their riches. There are pyramids that are still around today, so archeologists can study them and find out how the Egyptians lived.

Today the 39-foot tall statue of Ramesses II was moved to the Mit Rahina Museum in the Ancient Capital, Memphis. Memphis is near modern-day Cairo.

I asked a mover about how he felt about the statue. He told me, “It was hard work moving it to the museum.” Another mover told me, “It was amazing artwork.” I also asked a geologist what was it made of. He said, “It was made of red granite.”

I asked a mover about how they moved it to the museum. He said, “It was too big to move, so we had to cut it into 3 pieces to move it.” I was amazed. I also asked him how heavy it was. He said, “About 38 tons.” Now that’s a big and heavy statue!

In order to reduce the risk of damaging the statue while it is being delivered, they wrapped the parts in rubber. They delivered the parts in three separate trucks. It took 30 men to complete the task. The entire process took 3 months to complete.

The museum’s curator, Dr. Ahmed Basara, is extremely excited to be receiving this piece of Egyptian history. Dr. Ahmed is expecting at least 10,000 people to show up at the museum that day. In fact, an average of 13,000 people arrived at the museum to see it!

Sovereignty is when God says something and makes it happens. god told Abraham to go to Cannan. Later on, in history, Cannan is where the Israelites lie. God also tells Abraham that he will have a son when he is 100 years old and his wife, Sarah, is 90 years old! Sarah thought she was too old, but guess what? She had a baby and they named him Isaac.

Isaac married Rebekah, which one of his father’s servants found him, and had two children. their names were Esau and Jacob. Isaac had to have children to carry on the promise that God gave Abraham. the promise was that his relatives will be as many as all of the stars and as many as all of the grains of sand.

God promised that Israel would come from the line of Jacob, not Esau. One day when Esau came back from hunting, Jacob was preparing a pot of stew. Esau was like, “I want a bowl of stew.” So Jacob said to Esau, “Give me the birthright and you can have a bowl of stew.” Esau willingly offered the birthright to Jacob. When Isaac was about to die, he told Esau to hunt and make him a bowl of stew and he will give him the blessing. When he went to hunt, Rebekah and Jacob hurried to make a stew and get it to Isaac before Esau can come back. Rebekah also made a disguise for Jacob to look and feel like Esau, but Isaac was blind, so he can only feel. After he gave Isaac the stew, he gave Jacob the blessing. After Esau found out about Jacob, Jacob had to run away because Esau wanted to kill him. He ran away to his uncle Laman. He wanted to marry one of his daughters. That is the beginning of God’s sovereignty with Israel. One way I see God’s sovereignty in my life is that He put me into my family.

God has revealed Himself through creation. I see Him in the way flowers grow. I see God in how He created the Heavenly bodies. God has revealed Himself to us because we are made in His image.

The Bible says God is a God of order, not chaos. Flowers only produce the same kind of flower. This is because God told His creation to produce after its own kind. God also ordered the heavenly bodies into their exact locations. We know this because if the earth was any closer to the sun, the earth would burn up and explode. Also, if the earth was any farther away from the sun, the earth would be too cold to have any life on it and the earth would just be a frozen ice block. God put the earth in the perfect place. God is the only one that can give life. We are made in His image because we are the only created beings with a soul.

After the Tower of Babel, the three different tribes scattered across the earth. The parents stopped teaching their children about God. They began to worship the creation instead of the Creator. They chose to ignore God. Unlike the early civilizations, I choose to worship God because I see Him revealed in His creation.

Africa has a lot of geographical features. It has the Sahara desert, the Nile river, rainforests, jungles, the Safari, Lake Victoria, and Mountain ranges. Africa has lots of animals too. My favorite African animal is the lion.

The Nubian civilization lived there too. The Nubian civilization developed in Sudan. They traded and interacted with Eygpy because it was the closest civilization to trade and interact with. The Nok civilization lived there as well. They developed in Nigeria. Two of their most impressive skills were iron working and terracotta pottery.

Some of the early people of Africa are the Bushmen, the Pigmies, the Carthage, and the Bantu speakers. A possible reason for our lack of knowledge of Ancient African civilizations is because they didn’t leave any written records.

If I was working at the Tower of Babel, I would want to be a builder. And I would want to have the Spanish language. I would feel lonely until I found people who spoke my language. I would want to live in the Middle East because it grows a lot of food and it’s very mild. I chose to live here because it’s cool enough for me to build houses for people to live in and to build fences to protect the livestock. I had some of my friends help me out too.

I also had a family. My wife and two boys and three girls. I was living in the plains. Perfect place for my livestock to grow. My boys learned how to farm and my girls learned how to cook and help their mother around the house.

I also built a plow so the oxen that I had could plow the fields. I also built a wagon so my boys could carry the food that we grow. When I’m not building things, I help my boys butcher animals. The animals we have are horses, cows, rabbits, pigs, a cat, and a dog. We butcher the cow, rabbits, and pigs. We ride the horses. We play with the cat and dog. Though I only help them with they are butchering an animal. We also have to take baths when we were done. we also live near a stream in the plains so that we can get water to drink and to pour in a big bucket so that we can take baths. The boys also have to get the food; to put in the wagon and pull it inside for the girls to can and cook the food.

Life on the plains in the Middle East is really cool. You should try it.

—The End.