Sovereignty is when God says something and makes it happens. god told Abraham to go to Cannan. Later on, in history, Cannan is where the Israelites lie. God also tells Abraham that he will have a son when he is 100 years old and his wife, Sarah, is 90 years old! Sarah thought she was too old, but guess what? She had a baby and they named him Isaac.

Isaac married Rebekah, which one of his father’s servants found him, and had two children. their names were Esau and Jacob. Isaac had to have children to carry on the promise that God gave Abraham. the promise was that his relatives will be as many as all of the stars and as many as all of the grains of sand.

God promised that Israel would come from the line of Jacob, not Esau. One day when Esau came back from hunting, Jacob was preparing a pot of stew. Esau was like, “I want a bowl of stew.” So Jacob said to Esau, “Give me the birthright and you can have a bowl of stew.” Esau willingly offered the birthright to Jacob. When Isaac was about to die, he told Esau to hunt and make him a bowl of stew and he will give him the blessing. When he went to hunt, Rebekah and Jacob hurried to make a stew and get it to Isaac before Esau can come back. Rebekah also made a disguise for Jacob to look and feel like Esau, but Isaac was blind, so he can only feel. After he gave Isaac the stew, he gave Jacob the blessing. After Esau found out about Jacob, Jacob had to run away because Esau wanted to kill him. He ran away to his uncle Laman. He wanted to marry one of his daughters. That is the beginning of God’s sovereignty with Israel. One way I see God’s sovereignty in my life is that He put me into my family.