God has revealed Himself through creation. I see Him in the way flowers grow. I see God in how He created the Heavenly bodies. God has revealed Himself to us because we are made in His image.

The Bible says God is a God of order, not chaos. Flowers only produce the same kind of flower. This is because God told His creation to produce after its own kind. God also ordered the heavenly bodies into their exact locations. We know this because if the earth was any closer to the sun, the earth would burn up and explode. Also, if the earth was any farther away from the sun, the earth would be too cold to have any life on it and the earth would just be a frozen ice block. God put the earth in the perfect place. God is the only one that can give life. We are made in His image because we are the only created beings with a soul.

After the Tower of Babel, the three different tribes scattered across the earth. The parents stopped teaching their children about God. They began to worship the creation instead of the Creator. They chose to ignore God. Unlike the early civilizations, I choose to worship God because I see Him revealed in His creation.