This the fourth time I have written about this topic. I am getting very tired of it.

I would like to be an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur is someone who makes things to help people and then mass produce them and sell them. To be an Entrepreneur, you have to identify a problem in the world, research it, and make something new that has never been made before that helps with the problem. To sell something, you have to have a place to make the products, right? Where do you get the money to buy or build the factory to make the products? With what money do you buy the things to make the products? These are all great questions that probably every Entrepreneur have asked themselves. The answer is to get an investor. An investor is someone who gives an Entrepreneur the money they need to build their company. All you have to do is to present your invention to an investor. And if the investor thinks that it will do good on the market, then the investor will give the Entrepreneur the money that they need to build their company. Once the invention does good and makes a lot of  money, then the Entrepreneur will give the investor the money that the investor gave them to start a business. However, if the investor gives you money and the invention does not do good and you do not make a lot of money, then they are in big trouble. But the successful Entrepreneurs make a lot of money.

The Aeneid is a Latin poem and is considered an epic. The Aeneid was written by Virgil between 29 BC and 19 BC. Virgil was an ancient Roman poet. The Aeneid retells the story of a Trojan who fled the destruction of Troy and became the founder of Rome and the ancestor of the Romans.

In the story, after the Trojan who eventually founds Rome (Aeneas) and some of his fellow Trojans flee Troy, they head for Italy in a boat. However, they are blown off course and they land in Carthage. There he meets Dido, the queen of Carthage. They live as lovers for some time, but then Aeneas sails away to find a place to build a new city. Devastated by Aeneas’  departure, Dido kills herself with Aeneas’ sword he left behind. On his way to Italy, another storm blows there boat off course and they land in Sicily. After Aeneas’ father visits him in a dream telling him to go to Italy. he resumes his voyage. On the voyage, he enters the underworld to meet his father and to look into the future, then he knows the importance of his mission. He comes back from the underworld and continues his voyage. In the newly arrived land that they land in, Latium, the king thinks that Aeneas will marry his daughter, fulfilling a prophecy. But the queen wants here daughter to marry a local suitor. because of this, a war breaks out. In this war Aeneas and his allies win the war, and he continues to resume his journey and found Rome.

Julius Caesar was a Roman general in the Roman army. He was  also a statesman. He was also a member of the first triumvirate. He lead his armies into the Gallic Wars just before beating his rival, Pompey (they were political enemies). He became dictator of Rome in 49 BC until his assassination five years later in 44 BC. He was very important in the military.

What was Aeschylus’s view of the Trojan war? Aeschylus was born in Eleusis, Greece, in the late sixteenth century BC. He died in Gela, Italy, in the mid fifth century BC. He was known in ancient Greek history as “the father of tragedy”. He has earned this title because he wrote many Greek tragic plays. It was said that he wrote many plays, however, not very many of the plays still survive to this day. A very small amount. Probably his most famous tragedy ever was a play called “Agamemnon”. In this play he includes some of his account on the Trojan War. He only provides brief accounts of his view of this devastating and famous war, however. This is a dramatic tragedy and one who wants to read it and understand it needs to do more than just read it.

The Trojan war was a very famous war. However, nobody knows if the Trojan War even existed.  However, some people spend their entire life searching for Troy, trying to prove that Troy really existed, and then trying to figure out if the Trojan war really happened. There is very little proof, however, some people believe that they are extremely close to uncovering the truth about Troy and the Trojan War. The war was said to have lasted ten years. And in the end of the war, Troy was eventually destroyed forever. It was said that the Greeks were the ones fighting the Trojans. They too, suffered a great loss of Greek warriors and men.

In the play, the main character was Agamemnon. The play showed him offering up a human sacrifice, his own daughter, Iphigenia. This sacrifice was to settle issues that are war related. In this tragedy, the play itself was not wicked, but the attitude of Agamemnon was wicked. It was wicked of him to kill his daughter and show no mercy to her. He did not even struggle to command the act of killing her. He was very wicked. Aeschylus, I think, was trying to say how the Trojan war effected the minds of people. If that is what he was trying to say, then they were wicked people during the war. This was just one of the wicked things that took place during the war. Imagine what other things were going on during the war! I think that what Aeschylus was trying to say, is that the Trojan War poisoned and destroyed the minds of people.

There was not even justice during the war! If someone killed a family member of yours, than you and your family had the right to get revenge by killing the person who killed your family member. Bloodshed was justified by even more bloodshed. In the play, men had no morals, and without morals, mankind are no more than animals. The ability to apply reason. That is the thing that sets man aside from animals. Take away reason from man, and they become animals, having no mind of their own. Do not become like those men (yes, I am talking to you). Those are some of the reasons of Aeschylus’ view of the Trojan war. 

This is the third essay that I have written about the same subject. I do not know why, but my teacher just wants me to do it. In this third essay he wants me to tell of some more business ideas that intrigued me. It is getting a little boring, to be honest.

The new business idea that most intrigued me is LEGOs. I have loved building LEGOs since I was very little. I still love making them. They are like my new favorite thing (besides reading). I would love to work in a place were they made LEGOs. It would be so much fun.

Another business idea which most intrigued me is herpetology. Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. I have loved reptiles for as long as I can remember (not so much as amphibians though). I have always been fascinated by their shape, size, color, how they catch food, how they live, etc. There used to be a summer reading program at our public library and every time, I got books about reptiles. Well, actually, every time we went there period for the last year or two, I have been getting books about reptiles every time. This summer I may even get the chance to work at a reptile pet store (the Tie-dyed-Iguana) and work there over the summer. It would be so amazing if I could. Then I would have a real job! Reptiles are amazing creatures made by God. Only he could make reptiles so amazing and fascinating.

The Struggle of the Orders (also called the Conflict of the Orders), was a struggle between the commoners (people who lived their and they were not very rich) and the aristocrats (very rich people), and was held politically. It was of the ancient Roman Republic and lasted from 494 BC till 287 BC. In this struggle, the commoners sought political equality with the aristocrats. It was a short time until the commoners challenged the aristocrats to have control over Rome. The richer commoners demanded a place in the government while the poorer commoners were unemployed with many in debt. The Roman commoners eventually left Rome looking for a new and better place to live.

Because of this evacuation of the commoners and Rome’s population decreasing, the government eventually accepted some commoners into the government, and ten years later, debt was banned. Thanks to this, the government “calmed down” a bit and became more official, thanks to the government being opened to both social classes.

Hesiod was a Greek poet. He was regularly thought He wrote many poems including The Theogony, in which he tells us he tells of the genealogy of the Greek gods.  Another great poem he wrote was Works and Days, in which he try’s to persuade his brother Perses to share the land which their father had given him after he died. In this poem it has two parts. The first part gives him advice on ethical instruction on the way humans should live their lives. The second part gives him advice on how humans should practically live. In this poem by Hesiod, the purpose of it was to persuade Perses into sharing the land with him. However, Hesiod included his view of “mankind’s past and future” in this poem.

Hesiod tells us through his poem that there were five ages of humankind. First, there was the golden age. It was a perfect world, man stayed young and did not grow up, and man lived like gods. Second, there was the silver age. Man had to work. However, man did not grow up until they were one hundred years old. Third, there was the bronze age. In this age, everything was made of bronze. The animals, the food, the plants, even the people! Fourth, there were the demigods. The demigods were a race of hero men. Not quite gods, yet, not quite man. Fifth, was the iron age. Hesiod tells us that the iron age is the era that we humans live in now. As we can see, the iron age is the lowest out of all the ages. He also tells us that the iron age is doomed. He says that in the future Zeus, the king of the gods, will ultimately destroy us forever.

Despite this tragic event that Hesiod thought would take place, he still said that man should still pray to and rely on Zeus to help them (weird). Hesiod is telling us that, being man, we should live our lives in justice and hard work. However, at death, it is over. The future for mankind has death written all over it.

According to Hesiod, in order to live a good life until death comes, you need to pray and listen to Zeus and live our lives according to how he wants us to live our lives. If a person does not do this, and worse, does not even ask Zeus for how his life shall be lived or something that Zeus really does not like at all, Zeus shall inflict on him terrible sanctions. However, if a person asks Zeus for help, and lives his life accordingly, he shall attain rewards from Zeus. If a man is able to please Zeus and make him happy by doing what he said, then you can attain short term rewards from him on earth. But in the future of mankind, there is only death and darkness for everyone on this earth, and Zeus is basically that darkness and death.

The business opportunity which most intrigued me is rabbit selling. It is basically what I am doing right now, raising rabbits, breeding them, and then selling the babies. It is what I am doing right now. I love working with rabbits. They are very cute and cuddly. They are also not hard to take care of. You just feed and water them every day and your OK. It is a very easy job. It is also a very easy job for beginners just starting a business (If you want to get into rabbit selling, you can buy one of my rabbits. Just call 618-444-8799. Even if you don’t want to do some rabbit selling, than you can still buy one for a pet. They make very good pets.). Everyone loves rabbits.

Right now (the day I wrote this essay: Wednesday, November 3, 2021) my business of rabbit selling is very small. Just two full grown mother rabbits. Here is my idea of how to grow my rabbit business.

I could breed my rabbits with my cousin Theo’s rabbit to make babies (his rabbit he actually bought from me from an earlier breed of rabbits I had). I could post my business on Facebook so that millions of people can see my business and might want to buy some rabbits. The first time I got into rabbit selling I did that. Also the first time I got into rabbit selling I sold female rabbits for thirty dollars and male rabbits for twenty dollars. I hope I can get back into selling my rabbits again.

Plutarch tells about an important episode in Alexander’s life. What characteristics is it intended to show? The story tells of Alexander taking over cities creating a giant empire. However, he did it with compassion and was a great leader. His goal was to unite as much of the known world as possible under his jurisdiction. His characteristics were compassion, care, love, and so much more.

What, in Plutarch’s opinion, makes a “great man”? Is Alexander great? In Plutarch’s opinion, a great man is someone who changes the world forever. Is Alexander great? YES! He united a lot of the world, his military strategies are still used today, he is a good influence on most people, so yes, he is a great man.