The Struggle of the Orders (also called the Conflict of the Orders), was a struggle between the commoners (people who lived their and they were not very rich) and the aristocrats (very rich people), and was held politically. It was of the ancient Roman Republic and lasted from 494 BC till 287 BC. In this struggle, the commoners sought political equality with the aristocrats. It was a short time until the commoners challenged the aristocrats to have control over Rome. The richer commoners demanded a place in the government while the poorer commoners were unemployed with many in debt. The Roman commoners eventually left Rome looking for a new and better place to live.

Because of this evacuation of the commoners and Rome’s population decreasing, the government eventually accepted some commoners into the government, and ten years later, debt was banned. Thanks to this, the government “calmed down” a bit and became more official, thanks to the government being opened to both social classes.