This is the third essay that I have written about the same subject. I do not know why, but my teacher just wants me to do it. In this third essay he wants me to tell of some more business ideas that intrigued me. It is getting a little boring, to be honest.

The new business idea that most intrigued me is LEGOs. I have loved building LEGOs since I was very little. I still love making them. They are like my new favorite thing (besides reading). I would love to work in a place were they made LEGOs. It would be so much fun.

Another business idea which most intrigued me is herpetology. Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. I have loved reptiles for as long as I can remember (not so much as amphibians though). I have always been fascinated by their shape, size, color, how they catch food, how they live, etc. There used to be a summer reading program at our public library and every time, I got books about reptiles. Well, actually, every time we went there period for the last year or two, I have been getting books about reptiles every time. This summer I may even get the chance to work at a reptile pet store (the Tie-dyed-Iguana) and work there over the summer. It would be so amazing if I could. Then I would have a real job! Reptiles are amazing creatures made by God. Only he could make reptiles so amazing and fascinating.