The business opportunity which most intrigued me is rabbit selling. It is basically what I am doing right now, raising rabbits, breeding them, and then selling the babies. It is what I am doing right now. I love working with rabbits. They are very cute and cuddly. They are also not hard to take care of. You just feed and water them every day and your OK. It is a very easy job. It is also a very easy job for beginners just starting a business (If you want to get into rabbit selling, you can buy one of my rabbits. Just call 618-444-8799. Even if you don’t want to do some rabbit selling, than you can still buy one for a pet. They make very good pets.). Everyone loves rabbits.

Right now (the day I wrote this essay: Wednesday, November 3, 2021) my business of rabbit selling is very small. Just two full grown mother rabbits. Here is my idea of how to grow my rabbit business.

I could breed my rabbits with my cousin Theo’s rabbit to make babies (his rabbit he actually bought from me from an earlier breed of rabbits I had). I could post my business on Facebook so that millions of people can see my business and might want to buy some rabbits. The first time I got into rabbit selling I did that. Also the first time I got into rabbit selling I sold female rabbits for thirty dollars and male rabbits for twenty dollars. I hope I can get back into selling my rabbits again.