This the fourth time I have written about this topic. I am getting very tired of it.

I would like to be an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur is someone who makes things to help people and then mass produce them and sell them. To be an Entrepreneur, you have to identify a problem in the world, research it, and make something new that has never been made before that helps with the problem. To sell something, you have to have a place to make the products, right? Where do you get the money to buy or build the factory to make the products? With what money do you buy the things to make the products? These are all great questions that probably every Entrepreneur have asked themselves. The answer is to get an investor. An investor is someone who gives an Entrepreneur the money they need to build their company. All you have to do is to present your invention to an investor. And if the investor thinks that it will do good on the market, then the investor will give the Entrepreneur the money that they need to build their company. Once the invention does good and makes a lot of  money, then the Entrepreneur will give the investor the money that the investor gave them to start a business. However, if the investor gives you money and the invention does not do good and you do not make a lot of money, then they are in big trouble. But the successful Entrepreneurs make a lot of money.