The Aeneid is a Latin poem and is considered an epic. The Aeneid was written by Virgil between 29 BC and 19 BC. Virgil was an ancient Roman poet. The Aeneid retells the story of a Trojan who fled the destruction of Troy and became the founder of Rome and the ancestor of the Romans.

In the story, after the Trojan who eventually founds Rome (Aeneas) and some of his fellow Trojans flee Troy, they head for Italy in a boat. However, they are blown off course and they land in Carthage. There he meets Dido, the queen of Carthage. They live as lovers for some time, but then Aeneas sails away to find a place to build a new city. Devastated by Aeneas’  departure, Dido kills herself with Aeneas’ sword he left behind. On his way to Italy, another storm blows there boat off course and they land in Sicily. After Aeneas’ father visits him in a dream telling him to go to Italy. he resumes his voyage. On the voyage, he enters the underworld to meet his father and to look into the future, then he knows the importance of his mission. He comes back from the underworld and continues his voyage. In the newly arrived land that they land in, Latium, the king thinks that Aeneas will marry his daughter, fulfilling a prophecy. But the queen wants here daughter to marry a local suitor. because of this, a war breaks out. In this war Aeneas and his allies win the war, and he continues to resume his journey and found Rome.

Julius Caesar was a Roman general in the Roman army. He was  also a statesman. He was also a member of the first triumvirate. He lead his armies into the Gallic Wars just before beating his rival, Pompey (they were political enemies). He became dictator of Rome in 49 BC until his assassination five years later in 44 BC. He was very important in the military.