Should students be able to listen to MP3 players of headphones while studying? I think so. One reason is that music soothes the mind. It makes you feel relaxed while you do school. It also helps you concentrate better. It even makes you feel more good about life. Different kinds of music can help you do these different things.

Music also keeps you from being distracted. If you go to school, or if you homeschool, their might be some distractions. Well, music came help you if you let it. Just turn on some music, and listen to it while you do your school. It will help. 

Music can also help you with memorization. It clears your mind so you can focus on your school. It can also help aid endurance. Most children are bringing  headphones with them to study halls to listen to music. That way they can study better. 

I used to listen to music when I did school. I homeschool, so when I have to read a book online, I sometimes turn on some music and read. It really helps. Also, sometimes at night, my dad lets me listen to music on my headphones when I read at night. Music can also really help if you have problems. Music is just amazing.

Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties? I do not agree with this statement. Celebrities are famous people like, movie stars, television stars, musicians, bands, politicians, movie directors, and sports players. These celebrities are just the same as people who are not celebrities. One reason is that we are all part of  the human race. Also, we all work for a living. In the end, God is going to judge us all by the same standards. 

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always agree with me. Recently, there was a collage admissions scam where celebrity parents lied and cheated to get their children into collage. They were caught sentenced to minimal prison time. One celebrity mom only got two weeks in prison! The reason they got so little prison is because they were worth so much money. They Did not have to lie or cheat to get they kids into college. They had the money, but they thought that since they were celebrities that they could get away with it.

All people are individuals. We all generally agree that people should not be judged differently because of their skin color, their origin, or their net worth. The statue of Lady Justice is portrayed as a woman wearing a blindfold holding a beam balance and a sword. Since Lady Justice judges people and deals out punishment, as represented by her sword, she should not be bias by peoples attributes.

If a celebrity does something good like donate a lot of money to a children’s hospital, people praise them. We cheer them on when they win an award that none of us would ever be able to win. But how quickly we change our minds when they do something wrong. We do not cheer them on when they receive less punishment than you or I would get if we did the same wrong thing. This is called a double standard. Until the people stop holding the celebrities in high esteem, the double standard will remain. 

































Prayer is very important in our every day lives. My family prays a lot. We pray before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We even pray before we go to bed. We pray before long trips and even before school tests. We really do pray a lot.

Should we pray before sports events too? Totally! However, the government doesn’t allow schools to pray. Now, private schools can pray like my churches school, Berean Christian School. However, in public schools, sometimes they don’t let you pray at all. So the question is not forcing schools to pray before games or anything else. Instead, the question is should schools be allowed to pray. 

In professional sports games, you should be allowed to pray before games. However, sometimes you are not allowed to. You can pray only if you want to. There was a man who prayed before every sports games. His name was Tim Tebow. He was a very dedicated Christian. He used to kneel on the field and pray to God. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.                                             






































The first thing that I liked about John Lehrer’s book, A Bus of My Own, is the fact that after he had his heart attack that almost killed him, he changed his full life style entirely. He changed the way that he ate since that was probably the main reason why he got his heart attack. He said that he had the diet of a fifteen-year-old. He ate so much trash food. Like pizza, fritos, chili, candy, ice cream, chips, soda, etc. It also says that he changed his diet, which was very good for him. Instead of trash food, he ate fruit, vegetables, juice, toast, etc.

He also decided to exercise a lot to get his heart back in shape. First, he worked out in the hospital workout room. At first he didn’t want to do it, but he soon realized that exercising was very important too his life. When he returned home, he exercised every so often. He preferred walking as his main exercise. He also decided not to make any more speeches, however, before he had the heart attack, he promised his daughter that he would present a speech at her one graduation. After his heart attack he remembered that he would give a speech at the graduation. Although he promised himself not to make any more speeches, he realized that it was her one graduation. She would never get it again, so he decided to be a good father and give that speech. He even decided that he would take a nap every day to rest himself. He decided not to get angry, which was very good for him. Although I think that that was sort of hard for him. He made new friends who were in charge of rebuilding his soul, Charlie Berman and Harry Smith. What’s good is that he wrote it all down on paper to remind himself of all the things he had decided to change in his life.

I also liked it when he got a new Flxible Clipper bus from the advice of a friend. He named it Betsy two, after his first bus, Betsy. He bought it from someone who  bought it from another person who kept in his garage for fifteen years and never used it once, however, he did keep it in good shape. Lehrer was so happy after he bought the bus. It did take some getting used to, but soon he got the hang of it. He was so proud of Betsy tow that he called her a part of the family. All that next week he wrote letters to his family saying that he bought a new bus. He even sent a photograph of Betsy two in his letters. He was so exited.

John Lehrer was a very good man. He was also a American screenwriter, journalist, playwright, and novelist. He even worked with PBS NewsHour. After all of this, he must have been very famous! He died in the year two thousand twenty.

Should student’s textbooks be replaced by computers? I think so. Why? Well, one reason is that computers are very easily portable. School textbooks are so big and heavy. There is one massive school textbook for every subject in school. While the computer only weighs a few pounds, and it can be carried in a backpack.

Another reason for why students should have computers instead of textbooks is because computers are updatable and text books are not. You can’t just update a textbook. If you want to update a textbook, you have to rewrite the whole thing. But if you have a computer, you just have to type stuff in. So easy!

One more  reason about why students should have computers instead of textbook is that computers have significantly more information than textbooks. If you have a textbook, you can only look up the information that it gives you. With a computer, you can look up any information you want. A textbook only gives you the information that the author of  the textbook wants you to have. Most of the time, this information is bias. If the author of a textbook is not a Christian, his book will teach you that evolution is real and that God does not exist. However, if you look up the same information on the computer, you will find articles by Christians that teach that God does exist and that He created the world.  It is important to know both sides of the story.  

    Should cities offer free Wi-Fi? Well, I think so. Wi-Fi is very important to our every day lives. I homeschool and I do computer school. If we had to pay for Wi-Fi, then I would probably still be doing paces. 

    We use Wi-Fi all the time. My mother uses it every single day. If we had to pay for it, then I don’t know if we would be using it at all! I am so glad that Wi-Fi is free and we don’t have to pay for it.

     Maybe you thought of moving to another city. A city that has great churches to worship God in. A city that has great stores to grocery shop in. Maybe even a city to raise your family in. If you are then I bet your thinking ” What is he you talking about. What city could ever be that good?”

    Well look no further because we’ve got it all right here in Fairveiw Heights Illinos. We have great churches and great stores. We even have great homes to raise your family in. We also have great restaurants and so  much more. Yes, Fairview Heights has it all.    

     You will not believe what I saw on the internet. A $20,000 washing machine! That is so much money. Now, the average American household does not own a $20,000 washing machine, but they are still pretty expensive. The average cost of a washing machine and dryer combo is between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars.

    Now, would you be willing to pay that much money? If you are, then think about how much money you would be spending if you were spending it on your washing machine, water, detergent, and a lot more. Just going to dry cleaning is so much easier. They clean, wash, and iron your clothes for you. That’s still a lot of money for anybody.

     2,000 people die every year from thunderstorms. Many people die from getting hit by thunder bolts. 3 weeks ago, six people died because of a forest fire caused by a thunderstorm. There are so many people who die because of thunderstorms.  2 weeks ago, a man was killed in his car by a tree falling on it because of a lightning bolt striking the tree.

    Thunderstorms also cause flash flooding because of heavy rain. Many people die because of flash flooding. Several people died because of drowning in floods caused by thunderstorms. Thunderstorms even cause high winds which can kill you if you are not paying attention. You’ve got to be careful during a thunderstorm or you’ll end up like one of the people who died because of a thunderstorm.


    In an autobiography called A Bus of My Own written by John Lehrer, Lehrer had a heart attack. However, thankfully, he survived the attack and started to make a list of changes he would make in his life. The heart attack was actually good for him. Before the heart attack he was doing a lot of bad things, like smoking and eating badly. Having a heart attack changed his beliefs about all of the bad things he has been doing. 

    Before his heart attack he smoked all the time. He wrote that instead of throwing away the butts of the cigarettes he smoked, he kept them in a shoe box in case he wanted to smoke the rest out of the cigarettes he kept. He even smoked his way to the hospital in an ambulance with his pipe. That just shows how dedicated he was to smoking. 

    He wrote down that he would change his diet. This is what he said. “There was the food problem. The eating thing. I had had the eating habits of a pimply-faced fifteen-year-old. My daily preferred diet was drawn from a preferred option list of fritos, cheez Whiz, chili, pepperoni pizza, Milky Ways, Butterfinger chips, peanut butter (chunky); hamburgers with fries, tuna-salad sandwiches with fries, bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches with fries, fried chicken with fries, barbecue ribs, beef and/or sausage with fries; Dr. Peppers, chocolate chip ice cream, butter brickle ice cream, real potato chips, cottage-fried potatoes; scrambled egg with melted cheese, green peppers and onions; chocolate milk shakes, corn dogs, chilli dogs; biscuits with butter, waffles with hot maple syrup and butter, pancakes with hot maple syrup and butter; salt, fudge, black coffee, and pastrami sandwiches with mayonnaise.” Instead of those bad foods he decided to eat good foods. This is what he said. “Carrot and celery sticks with a  nonfat yogurt dip. Melba toast. Vegetarian baked beans. Cute little cups of raspberries and strawberries and blueberries. Apples. Great glasses of orange juice. Decaf coffee. Water cornbread. Green beans. Peas. Peas! Spinach casseroles. Caffeine-free diet soda pop. Unbuttered, unsalted popcorn. Toasted pita bread. Oatmeal. Oatmeal!” very unhealthy eater.

    He also said that he would exercise a lot. In the hospital workout room every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at seven he workout to get his heart back in shape. He also wrote down that he would take a nap every single day. Those two things did help get his heart back in shape. He even said that he will  never again get angry. He also made a list of bus signs he would then go after. Here is the list. Overland Greyhound, Bowen Motor Coaches, Southeastern Stages, American Buslines, and Dixie-Sunshine Trailways. There were even two men there that helped him rebuild his soul. Charlie Berman and Harry Smith. Lehrer was actually a really good person. After his heart attack, Lehrer was a completely changed man. Lehrer died in the year 2020, the year I wrote this essay! I hope that you had fun reading this essay.