Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties? I do not agree with this statement. Celebrities are famous people like, movie stars, television stars, musicians, bands, politicians, movie directors, and sports players. These celebrities are just the same as people who are not celebrities. One reason is that we are all part of  the human race. Also, we all work for a living. In the end, God is going to judge us all by the same standards. 

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always agree with me. Recently, there was a collage admissions scam where celebrity parents lied and cheated to get their children into collage. They were caught sentenced to minimal prison time. One celebrity mom only got two weeks in prison! The reason they got so little prison is because they were worth so much money. They Did not have to lie or cheat to get they kids into college. They had the money, but they thought that since they were celebrities that they could get away with it.

All people are individuals. We all generally agree that people should not be judged differently because of their skin color, their origin, or their net worth. The statue of Lady Justice is portrayed as a woman wearing a blindfold holding a beam balance and a sword. Since Lady Justice judges people and deals out punishment, as represented by her sword, she should not be bias by peoples attributes.

If a celebrity does something good like donate a lot of money to a children’s hospital, people praise them. We cheer them on when they win an award that none of us would ever be able to win. But how quickly we change our minds when they do something wrong. We do not cheer them on when they receive less punishment than you or I would get if we did the same wrong thing. This is called a double standard. Until the people stop holding the celebrities in high esteem, the double standard will remain.