Should students be able to listen to MP3 players of headphones while studying? I think so. One reason is that music soothes the mind. It makes you feel relaxed while you do school. It also helps you concentrate better. It even makes you feel more good about life. Different kinds of music can help you do these different things.

Music also keeps you from being distracted. If you go to school, or if you homeschool, their might be some distractions. Well, music came help you if you let it. Just turn on some music, and listen to it while you do your school. It will help. 

Music can also help you with memorization. It clears your mind so you can focus on your school. It can also help aid endurance. Most children are bringing  headphones with them to study halls to listen to music. That way they can study better. 

I used to listen to music when I did school. I homeschool, so when I have to read a book online, I sometimes turn on some music and read. It really helps. Also, sometimes at night, my dad lets me listen to music on my headphones when I read at night. Music can also really help if you have problems. Music is just amazing.