Mind Map:
  1. Zoo
    1. Why I like it
      1. We see lots of animals
      2. We get exercise
        1. walking
        2. running
    2. Location
      1. St. Louis
    3. #1 Zoo in the whole country
  2. Six Flags
    1. Why I like it
      1. It is a big place
      2. It has so many rides and activities
        1. Superman Tower of Power
        2. Ring Toss
    2. Location
      1. Eureka, Missouri
    3. Great place for family fun time
  3. Church
    1. Why I like it
      1. We do Trail Life there
      2. We do AWANA there
      3. We get to learn about God
      4. Good place to hang out with friends
    2. Location
      1. Fairview Heights, Illinois
    3. Great place to learn about God

My House

My house is very big. It consists of twelve rooms. first, the kitchen, where we cook, do dishes, compost, and trash. Then, the dining room where we eat and use the dining room table sometimes for a school table. Then, the living room, which is where we relax, watch TV, play games, and have tons of fun. Then, between the living room and dining room is the hallway, leading to every other room in the house. In the middle of the hallway in the ceiling is a ladder you can pull down which leads to the attic. By the kitchen is the laundry room and next to the laundry room is the garage. The hallway leads to three bedrooms and one bathroom, and one bedroom leads to another bathroom.

We have a lot of furniture in the house. We have a couch and a table in the living room, a table and chairs and a bench in the dining room, a refrigerator in the kitchen to keep the food cold, and in the bedrooms, there are desks, a bookshelf to keep books on, beds to sleep on at night, and some drawers to keep our clothes in.
We also have a lot of electronics like a TV to watch things on. We also have some phones and a tablet. In one bedroom, we have a computer to do school on. In the living room, we also have a lamp to see in the dark. In the dining room, we have a microwave to heat food up, and in the kitchen we have an oven to cook food. My dad also has a speaker he turns on to listen to a song on his phone and the speaker amplifies the noise to as loud as he wants it.
There were several materials used to make the house. The cement was used to build a firm, strong foundation. We also used wood to build the doors and the floor. We also used siding to build the big, strong walls to hold up the heavy roof. Roofing was used to build the roof to keep out the rain, the sun, and other stuff like that. We used paint to make the house look pretty. We even put some insulation in! Our house built on a strong, firm foundation.

My best friend is named Peydon. He lives with his brother, sisters, mom, and grandparent. My mom and his mom are sisters, so we are cousins! He either goes to a public or private school. He is only three days younger than me. His birthday is March 3rd. Peydon wears glasses and so do I. In fact, some people thought we were twins because we look so alike! He is a very good friend.

We also like to do a lot of things together. We usually like to watch moves together, and because he likes Star Wars so much, we usually watch Star Wars movies. We watch other movies too. We also like to play games. We prefer a game called Cameleon or  Forbidden Sky. Those are Peydon’s favorite games, but we do not play them very much. He even has a Play Station 4, which we like to play most of the time. 
He is a very good friend and so is his brother, but Peydon is my best friend and a very good friend.

My favorite hobby is reading. I like reading good stories. A good book must have interesting characters. My favorite books have extremely interesting characters. the books are “The Hardy Boys.” There are two main characters. Their names are Frank and Joe. They are private teenage detectives. They have help from their friends and father. They are extremely good at solving mysteries and catching bad guys. It is a very good story. In last year’s literature, I read a play by William Shakespeare that had very uninteresting characters. All they did was try to get someone’s daughter to marry someone else, which is just boring. It is very short too. I like somewhat long stories.

A good book also has a good climax. The climax is when the problem reaches a dramatic height. In most Hardy Boys books, the climax is when at least one Hardy Boy is captured along with a friend or two. Older books like “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe and “White Fang” by Jack London barely have a climax at all. But “A Knight of the White Cross” by G.A. Henty and several other earlier books have an extremely interesting climax. 
I like reading books that are entertaining. I like reading fantasy, actions, science fiction, and many other genres, but I mainly like mystery storybooks like “The Hardy Boys”. They are very entertaining. I also like the book “On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness” by Andrew Peterson. It is a fantasy story and has a very interesting climax.
I also like reading about herpetology. I am making a YouTube channel on herpetology, so I need to know everything I can. I can get a lot of herpetology books at the Fairview Heights Public Library. I also have a lot of herpetology books to read.
I also like entertaining books like “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. It is extremely exciting. the characters go in a submarine and see several strange, amazing, and weird things and sights, like battling a gain octopus. It is also Science Fiction.
I really like reading because it is entertaining and also teaches you things. My favorite book of all time is the Bible. It is entertaining, plus it teaches you important things. I just love to read.