My best friend is named Peydon. He lives with his brother, sisters, mom, and grandparent. My mom and his mom are sisters, so we are cousins! He either goes to a public or private school. He is only three days younger than me. His birthday is March 3rd. Peydon wears glasses and so do I. In fact, some people thought we were twins because we look so alike! He is a very good friend.

We also like to do a lot of things together. We usually like to watch moves together, and because he likes Star Wars so much, we usually watch Star Wars movies. We watch other movies too. We also like to play games. We prefer a game called Cameleon or  Forbidden Sky. Those are Peydon’s favorite games, but we do not play them very much. He even has a Play Station 4, which we like to play most of the time. 
He is a very good friend and so is his brother, but Peydon is my best friend and a very good friend.