My favorite hobby is reading. I like reading good stories. A good book must have interesting characters. My favorite books have extremely interesting characters. the books are “The Hardy Boys.” There are two main characters. Their names are Frank and Joe. They are private teenage detectives. They have help from their friends and father. They are extremely good at solving mysteries and catching bad guys. It is a very good story. In last year’s literature, I read a play by William Shakespeare that had very uninteresting characters. All they did was try to get someone’s daughter to marry someone else, which is just boring. It is very short too. I like somewhat long stories.

A good book also has a good climax. The climax is when the problem reaches a dramatic height. In most Hardy Boys books, the climax is when at least one Hardy Boy is captured along with a friend or two. Older books like “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe and “White Fang” by Jack London barely have a climax at all. But “A Knight of the White Cross” by G.A. Henty and several other earlier books have an extremely interesting climax. 
I like reading books that are entertaining. I like reading fantasy, actions, science fiction, and many other genres, but I mainly like mystery storybooks like “The Hardy Boys”. They are very entertaining. I also like the book “On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness” by Andrew Peterson. It is a fantasy story and has a very interesting climax.
I also like reading about herpetology. I am making a YouTube channel on herpetology, so I need to know everything I can. I can get a lot of herpetology books at the Fairview Heights Public Library. I also have a lot of herpetology books to read.
I also like entertaining books like “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. It is extremely exciting. the characters go in a submarine and see several strange, amazing, and weird things and sights, like battling a gain octopus. It is also Science Fiction.
I really like reading because it is entertaining and also teaches you things. My favorite book of all time is the Bible. It is entertaining, plus it teaches you important things. I just love to read.