How should church members have tried to find out what Jesus would have done in their situations? They should have read there Bible. 2Peter 1:3 says, By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence. This verse means that every single question we have is answered in the Bible. God has also given us instructions to how to live our lives like Jesus did through his word, the Bible.

I have read many pieces of literature in my life, but non have affected me as much as this one book. It is also the most popular, copied, and sold book ever written. It is also written over the course of four thousand years! It had forty authors, and a lot of them were not alive while others were alive. And that book is the BIBLE. The Bible is the greatest book ever written and will continue to be until the earth ends. The Bible is the book that most influenced me I had ever read. It is also my favorite book of all time.

When I was about two or three years old, I began having nightmares almost every night, so my dad put a speaker in my room and played the Bible on the speaker and I stopped having nightmares. I began memorizing the Bible when I was in Cubbies in AWANA (an organization all around the world to bring people to Jesus Christ and teach them about the Bible. AWANA stands for All Workmen Are Not Ashamed). The Bible has taught me a ton of things. Like how the universe came to be, how to be saved, very interesting historical facts, and so much more. The Bible is also very interesting to read. It tells the story of the beginning of the universe all the way to the end of time.

My favorite part of the Bible is when Jesus dies, but them rises from the dead. My favorite verse of the Bible is Proverbs 6:6-8, Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest (English Standard Version). There are many other extremely wise verses in the Bible, like the ten commandments. Those are really important verses. And if you ever want to see how the universe was made, then go to the very beginning of the Bible to the book Genesis. And Revelations, the very last book of the Bible, tells the future of the universe. The Bible is the best book ever made. Jesus is the best part of the Bible. It is said that if all of Jesus’s works were written down on paper, that it would take up more space than all the books in the world would. Now that is a ton of things that Jesus did, especially for us.

The Bible is an amazing book. It has changed my life a thousand percent! And although I have not read the whole Bible yet, I am still learning a lot of interesting facts from the Bible. However, not everyone is able to have the advantage of having a Bible, so it is very good that missionaries are risking there lives to give people Bibles so that they can come to God and Jesus and be saved. The Bible has changed my life a lot and is continuing to change my life.

Α”The Breakthrough Principle of 16X” is a book that tells you how to get 16 times better at what you are already good at (that is what the 16X stands for). The book begins with a brief history about how the 16X principle (also known as the 80/20 principle) was made. It also tells  you the 10 greatest business ideas of all time. I will be talking about my top two favorites.

The first one is Low Cost Volume. Low Cost Volume means to be the cheapest. Now, you might be thinking, “But if your products are cheap, than how will you get enough money to live?” Well, the answer is to sell a lot of what you are currently selling. If you sell a lot of what you are currently selling, than you will get as much money as if you were not selling it for a cheap price, you may even get more money. Remember that these are the greatest business ideas of all time.

The other idea that I really like is Build on Your Strengths. That means to make your best attributes even stronger. So it basically means to get better at what you are already good at. If you are really good at something, but you want to be like really good at something else because you see this guy making a lot of money doing his job and you want to make a lot of money to, do not switch jobs. You will waste a lot of money and time. All you have to do is get better at what you are already good at.

The other ideas are Market Leadership, Delegate, Self-Service, Subtract Something, Create a New Niche Category, Personalize, Do It Faster, and Do It Smaller. This is a great book. You should really try reading it.

How do you predict the conditions and characteristics of your child? Well, in this essay I will explain the whole process to you. I will be using the sex-linked traits process. I will also be using X and Y chromosomes. Lets say there is a Mother and Father. The mother has green eyes (X) and the Father has green or blue eyes (X). If they have a daughter, than what color eyes will she have? Well, she will have green eyes (XX) because the green eyes from the parents is dominant over the blue eyes. Same thing with every other thing. Only males can have Y chromosomes. So if a father has a Y chromosome, and a mother has blue eyes (X) than if they have a son, the son will have blue eyes (XY). This process is extremely easy if you know it. as I said, this applies to everything else like colorblindness, skin color, etc.

Which dream in Looking Backward seemed more realistic: When he woke up in 1887 or 2000? First, lets recap the book. Our main character, a man named Julian West, lives in the year 1887. He is thirty years old. One night after a attending a party, he falls asleep and when he wakes up, it is the year 2000!  The assumption is that Julian has been asleep for one hundred and thirteen years! The crazy thing is that he did not age at all while he was asleep, he was still 30 years old. Julian was forced to learn how to live in the future. There many strange things that Julian saw in the year 2000, like computers and electronics.  After a few days of living in the year 2000, he falls asleep again and this time when he wakes up, he is back in the year 1887. It seems it was all a dream. It must have been an extremely realistic dream because Julian has to relearn how to live in the year 1887 where there are no computers, no electronics, and no cars. He was quite thankful to be back in his own time, especially since he had a girl that he was going to marry. She did not exist in his dream, nor did his friends or his family. 

When I began reading this book I actually thought that he was in the year 2000 when he woke up the first time. It was all so realistic, the things he saw, the things he heard, and the things he experienced. The plot line was a little bit hard to believe though, but then I realized that the book was science fiction so that made it a little more believable. The one thing that I had a hard time believing is the fact that he did not at all age. It is just not humanly or physically possible for someone to not age. The book did not even have some science twist to it. The book did not explain how he did not age. It is not like somebody cast a spell on him like in Sleeping Beauty. And he definitely did not get frozen in ice like in Captain America. So that really confused me. But near the end of the book he woke up from the dream and I finally understood how he could sleep for that long. It was all a dream! He never really slept for that long. Besides, who could!? It is more believable he experienced a really long dream that lasted days, but it his own time, it has only been a short time. If normal time and dream time went at the same rate and you had a dream that lasted days, than you would have been asleep that lasted days, and there is no way that you could be asleep for days because you have to wake up at some point. I have never had a dream that lasted days and I hope that I never do, but it is fun to imagine it.

Helen Keller was an extraordinary person who learned to read, talk, and communicate even though she was both deaf and blind. When she was only nineteen months old she contracted a disease that she thankfully lived through, however, the disease she had left her deaf and blind for the rest of here life. For about six years she was in a ‘prison’ of deafness and blindness, until Anne Sullivan arrived at their house. Her job was to teach Helen how to communicate to other people using hand signals. Here are some of the key incidents that lead Helen out of her ‘prison’ of deafness and blindness. 

Communicating is the first thing that lead her out of her ‘prison’. with Anne’s help Helen learned to communicate by using hand signals. First, Anne touched something to one of Helen’s hands and spelled that thing in here other hand using hand signals that Helen can clearly understand. Because of these hand signals Helen was able to communicate with her mother, her father, and several other people, including other blind children she meets. This communicating of hand signals helped her communicate with a lot of people which brought her out of her ‘prison’ a bit. But they didn’t stop there.

Anne continued to teach Helen to read so that she could do good in school. They really wanted her to do good in school so Anne taught her to read so she can read school books. They also wanted her to read books for blind children so that Helen can learn about the world. Learning to read was a huge step up in Helen’s life. Ever since she learned to read, her knowledge of the world grew bigger and bigger and bigger. Ever since she learned to read she has been a very smart woman.

Later, she even learned to talk. Anne taught Helen to talk  because Helen wanted to talk. Well, she learned to talk, but she never actually learned to fully speak or speak clearly. In fact, she needed a translator. When she was a deaf and blind child she never spoke because what good is speaking if you are both deaf and blind. However, never the less, she did learn to speak. Not very well though, but she did learn to speak.

She was an extraordinary woman. She meet every president from Grover Cleveland all the way up to Lyndon Johnson. And she was not just considered a celebrity, but also a legend. She also wrote her own autobiography and boy, did she have a way with words. She was so good at writing. She was so good coming up with words. And even though she was deaf and blind, she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. So as you can see, she was an amazing woman. She was an amazing author and was an extremely good writer. I think that she was an amazing person. I am so glad that I had the chance to write about her.