How do you predict the conditions and characteristics of your child? Well, in this essay I will explain the whole process to you. I will be using the sex-linked traits process. I will also be using X and Y chromosomes. Lets say there is a Mother and Father. The mother has green eyes (X) and the Father has green or blue eyes (X). If they have a daughter, than what color eyes will she have? Well, she will have green eyes (XX) because the green eyes from the parents is dominant over the blue eyes. Same thing with every other thing. Only males can have Y chromosomes. So if a father has a Y chromosome, and a mother has blue eyes (X) than if they have a son, the son will have blue eyes (XY). This process is extremely easy if you know it. as I said, this applies to everything else like colorblindness, skin color, etc.

Imagine you are riding your bike (if you have one, but if you do not, just follow along) on the sidewalk and you  fall off and you get a cut and you bleed. Later a scab forms over your cut. After a few days your scab falls off and your cut is healed. What happened under the scab that healed your cut?

Your skin is made up of skin cells. When you get a cut, skin cells fall off and you bleed. When you bleed a scab forms over your cut to stop the bleeding while your body gets to work to heal your cut. Here is how it does that.

When a scab forms over your cut, the skin cells outlining the cut actually multiply. They do this by dividing themselves into two cells. They keep doing this until the cut is completely healed. When the cut is healed the skin cells do not know that the cut is healed, so the brain sends a signal to the skin cells that tells them to stop dividing, and then the scab falls off. And that is how cuts heal. 


Water is extremely important to every single living thing on earth. Even plants! Water is both an acid and a base. If you have ever seen salt dissolve in water, you might have thought,” How does it do that?” Well, it is because water is an acid. It can dissolve anything, although somethings may take years to get dissolved by water. Water is also a base so that means we can drink it. Your body is 60% water. Have you ever been sweating and dehydrated? That is because you lost a lot of water and you need to drink more.

Plants also need water. They need it to make their own food. They also use water to grow. If a plant’s leaves are drooping and they look brown, that means they are not getting enough water. All healthy plants should be green. Water can also be used for swimming, supporting sea life, making electricity, and a lot of other things. Water is very important to every living thing on earth.