Water is extremely important to every single living thing on earth. Even plants! Water is both an acid and a base. If you have ever seen salt dissolve in water, you might have thought,” How does it do that?” Well, it is because water is an acid. It can dissolve anything, although somethings may take years to get dissolved by water. Water is also a base so that means we can drink it. Your body is 60% water. Have you ever been sweating and dehydrated? That is because you lost a lot of water and you need to drink more.

Plants also need water. They need it to make their own food. They also use water to grow. If a plant’s leaves are drooping and they look brown, that means they are not getting enough water. All healthy plants should be green. Water can also be used for swimming, supporting sea life, making electricity, and a lot of other things. Water is very important to every living thing on earth.