Is it worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage? A part-time job is a job where you work some days and not even all day. For example, you could get a part-time job at, let’s say a fast food restaurant, but you have school the same days that you work. You do school during the day until the time that you stop, and then you go work at the restaurant until your “shift” ends. You could also get a summer job and work over the summer when you have more free time and no school. That is a part time job. But what is the minimum wage? Different states have different minimum wages, so I am going with the minimum wage for Illinois, the state I am currently living in. The minimum wage for Illinois is $13.00 per hour (you must be 18 years old or older for this pay in Illinois). If I worked for three hours a day, five days a week, that would be $195.00 per week. Now, is it worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage? Currently, my schedule is pretty packed every day, so I cannot get a part-time job, plus I am just 15 years old. But I could find a decent job over the summer if I wanted too. And when I am in college, I probably find a part-time job if my schedule is not as packed as it is now. So currently, no it is not worth my time, but it could be in the near future.

If the state regulated garage sales, would poor people be better off? Garage sales are a way for people to make money by selling their stuff. People put up signs telling people where the garage sale is located, they set up there stuff on tables outside, and people come and buy stuff for less money than what they would buy at a store. It is a nice way for people to sell old unwanted stuff and make money off of it, and it is also a nice way for people to buy stuff for cheaper than what they might find at a store. And the best part, it is not state regulated, meaning the state is not involved in any garage sales. But what if the state was involved? What it the state was involved in garage sales, and regulated them? Would poor people be better off? It really depends on the type of state. If it was a bad state, then the state would probably send people to price everything, and they might price things too low or too high, or they may force a fee to hold a yard sale, they may even say who can come to the yard sale and who can not. In this case, poor people would not be better off. But if it is a good state, they may not intervene in a garage sale. They may even send a police officer to things are not stolen, or to make sure people are not hurt, or things like that, which would make poor people better off.

Would you rather sit in first class, or have the choice between the first-class fare and the coach fare? This is a very difficult decision for some people, but not for me. First-class fares in America cost around $1,300, which is pretty expensive. Another thing is is the first-class fare worth it? According to Business Class Experts, “First class is great, and can make long flights luxurious and enjoyable. However, the price that comes along with all the fabulous amenities is a lot of the time, less than desirable. The truly luxurious first class cabins are available only on limited routes.” The coach fare is slightly less expensive than the first-class fare, but is more expensive than the regular ticket. According to Longman Business Dictionary, “coach fare American English a standard air fare that costs less than the first class fare but is more expensive than the cheapest fares. Most business fliers travel on full coach fares that are readily acceptable for travel on any available flight.” So which fare would you chose? Most people would chose the first-class fare, and I would also chose the first-class fare, if it was free. If I had to pay for it, then I would simply chose the cheaper fare. I would not care if the first-class plane ride is enjoyable, I would not want to use my money on something that will last only a few hours like a plane ride. Plus, it is just not that big of a deal if a get a coach fare instead of a first-class fare.