You may have heard of the most common example of the division of labor, the pencil. If you have not, I will be explaining the division of labor on a different, but perhaps even more commonly used than the pencil, household tool, the book.

The division of labor is just as it sounds, everyone is divided into separate jobs according to the kind of labor in which each person specializes. And when people use their own skills to create things, they can make pretty simple things, but when they work together to build something, they can build incredible things, from a pencil to a skyscraper.

Do you think you can make your own book? Good luck! It is not as easy as it sounds. Lets make it simple. Can you make a piece of paper? I do not think so. To do that, you would need to cut down a tree. To cut down a tree, you would need to build your own tools to cut the tree down with. Then you would need to transport the tree somehow to a factory where the wood is made into paper. But, since you are supposed to do all of this yourself, you would need to build your own factory. You would need to get all the raw materials to build your own factory. But, you will get hungry, so you will need to eat. But where will you get food? You will have to find it yourself. You will also need a place to live. You need materials to make the materials to make the tools to just cut down a tree. You can not do it yourself. That is why the division of labor is a thing. So you do not have to anything yourself. Everything you see that was made by humans was made by the division of labor. It the division of labor did not exist, the world would be very different today.