Which ad best conforms to Joyner’s standards of an irresistible offer? First, I would like to tell you what the Irresistible Offer is. “The Irresistible Offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products and/or services where the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy. Meaning that the value of your offer FAR exceeds the cost to access the value”, According to PersonalBrand.com. It is also a book written by Mark Joyner. It is a really good book. I recommend it as a must read. The book tells you how to make an irresistible offer in a lot of detail, however, although I do not liked detailed books I like this detailed book because it tells me how to make a really good irresistible offer.

The ads are M&Ms (1957), Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, 1980, Commodore, 1987 (Australia), and American Express (late 1960’s). And I chose Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, 1980 as the ad that best conforms to Joyner’s Irresistible Offer. Why? Well, because the other ads do not confirm to Joyner’s Irresistible Offer nearly as much. Some repeat some things and some others are just plain weird. I would say that Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, 1980 is the best. The ad really caught me and I was fascinated by it. It was short, it was easy to understand, it got to the point, it did not tell any unnecessary parts, and people need it. Not want it, but need it. Plus, the way that they put the ad together is fascinating. The Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, 1980 is the best out of all of these ads.

What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did? First, I want to tell you who Darwin is. His full name is Charles Robert Darwin. Darwin was an “English naturalist, geologist and biologist best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.” Darwin wrote a book called “The Origin of Species” in which he placed his theory of evolution. Now, we know that evolution is not real and that it is God who created the universe, but evolution was Darwin’s belief and we can not change that now that he is dead. “Darwin has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history, and he was honored by burial in Westminster Abbey.” Westminster Abbey is an extremely famous church, most recognized for being the chosen location for seventeen royal weddings, so he must have been extremely famous to be buried in Westminster Abbey. Darwin loved to write books. He wrote a lot of books on biology. He also won a lot of awards. Like FRS, Royal Medal, Wollaston Medal, Copley Medal, Doctor of Laws and Cambridge. He was very respected. He married Emma Wedgwood, and they had ten children. Can you imagine having ten children? I certainly can not. “In 1882 he was diagnosed with what was called “angina pectoris” which then meant coronary thrombosis and disease of the heart. At the time of his death, the physicians diagnosed “anginal attacks”, and “heart-failure”. It has been speculated that Darwin may have suffered from chronic Chagas disease.” His autobiography is a great autobiography and it sold out very quickly because it is the autobiography of a great person, powerful, and well known person. Which he was of course.

Now for the question, what would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did? Well, it did not give enough detail which is important for any autobiography. Also, he does not include his family in his autobiography. In my autobiography my family would be one of my largest subjects. And those are just a few of the things that I would change in my autobiography that are different than what Darwin did. I hope that you find a lot more.

The logic of my ad. If you are thinking about what my ad was than look at my last business essay (believe me, you can not understand this essay unless you read it. So go back and read it before you read this(if you have not read it yet)). It is not very long but it gets to the point. The logic of my ad means why did I write it it the way that I wrote it. Well, I wrote it because it was my assignment to. I wrote my moms address just in case if somebody had any questions about the product, also known as games. Speaking of games, I chose to write them as the thing that I was selling because it was the first thing that I thought of. Plus, we have a lot of them. They also have no pieces missing or broken, which is very good. I also named them all at the price of five dollars because I did not want to be too high or too low so that no one would buy it, and five dollars seemed like a very good price. And I just randomly chose those good five games. I wrote it all short because I just wanted it to be very short yet very simple with all of the things the buyers need to understand. It is what I like. Short and simple, yet, it tells everything that needs to be said. Try to write your own ad.

Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography? First, I would like to tell you what reconstructed speeches are. Reconstructed speeches are speeches or conversations or anything that you can not quite remember but you have to piece it back together. You may not get it one hundred percent right. So do what I like to do. Only recall the headlights or the parts of the speech that you can remember. But if you forget a very important part that you want or need to write down, ask someone who was also there and maybe they can remember it. But if you can not get in touch with someone who was also there, write down (if you are writing down) as much as you can recall from whatever you were doing. And if you are at a place where people are giving speeches or someone is giving you good advice for you later in your life, than take notes. Take notes so that if you need to remember them later than you will have good notes to remind you what they are so that you will not have to reconstruct it. It is also a lot easier that trying to remember.

So, back to the question. Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography? And the answer to that is… that depends. That is right. The answer is that depends. Let me tell you why the answer is that depends. That depends is the answer because if you remember a speech or conversation that you want to include and you get it one hundred percent correct (or close) you will not need reconstruction on that topic. But, if you forgot some parts in a speech or conversation that you want to include in your autobiography you are going to have to include some reconstruction to fill in the parts that you forgot about. That is why you should journal. Journaling is like taking every day notes. If you journal than you can take every day notes to put in your autobiography. Plus if you journal you can remember a lot more so that you can put more stuff in your autobiography which is a very good thing. The more stuff you put in your journal the less you have to remember. The more good stuff you put in your autobiography the more interesting it is(just do not put any boring or unnecessary stuff in your autobiography or journal). When you write your autobiography it is sometimes fun to look back at your life while writing your autobiography because when you write your autobiography you get to look back at your earlier stages and write about it and tell people about your life. When I write my autobiography (if I ever do) it would be a lot of fun. I would have a blast writing my autobiography and looking back at my life before I would write it. It would be so fun. So remember, if you journal you can prevent reconstruction in your autobiography.

Would it be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes? For the first question, it is not moral. When my mom was in collage she was in music history. And for a project she was grouped with two other people and they were each supposed to write a paper on the history of music Then there grades were combined to make a single grade for the whole class. Well, about a month later, my mom and here group each turned in an eight to ten page paper. My mom did an amazing job, even the teacher said so. My mom got an A on that paper and she never got anything besides A’s in her class’s that had music in it. However, the other two people were terrible. They got C’s. But since this was a group project the whole group got B’s. this was the first B my mom ever got in music class’s. My mom was furious. So the answer to the first question is MOST DEFENETLY NOT!

As for the second question, no! Lets say one person earns three hundred dollars a week, and another guy earns six hundred dollars a week. If the answer to the second question is yes than the two men turn in there checks that they earned to the government than the government would divide the checks evenly. Then they would each get four hundred and fifty dollars. This is bad because this is stealing and it basically means that everyone no matter what the job or what they do they are all paid the same. If people get paid the same than everyone will want the easy jobs because they will get paid the same if they get hard jobs. In a book my family likes called ” The Tuttle Twins and the Search for Atlas” they teach this exact same stuff. So, the answer to the second question is no.

Who my target audience should be for my autobiography? If you have read all of my other autobiography essays than this should be easy for you. My target audience is mainly going to be my decedents. I have explained that a whole lot in my other autobiography essays. “I would write my autobiography so that years later from generation to generation my descendants would know about there family history and what happened years and years and years before they were even born into the world.” That is what I wrote in an earlier essay. It is true though. Very true.

The lifestyle I want 20 years from now. The lifestyle I want twenty years from now starts with my family I would want to have twenty years from now. I would want to have a loving wife that loves Jesus and God and is a great mother. I would also want her to be beautiful and cook good. I would also want to have only three children that are obedient and love me, my wife, and God and Jesus.

Next is where I would live. I would want to live in a relatively small house, but if I had enough money I would want a large house. I would want to live close to family, but close enough to work so that I will always be on time for everything. I would want a house that has room for everything a regular house has and maybe a little extra.

Now it is time for what my job will be. I really hope that my job will involve herpetology, but if God does not want me to have this job but he wants me to have another job, I will not argue. I will simply just take the job he wants me to have.

Now for the rest. I would want to go to church every Sunday and read my Bible twice every day so that I will never forget what God and Jesus have done for me. And I will do devotions with my family every night and that all my family would be Christians.