The logic of my ad. If you are thinking about what my ad was than look at my last business essay (believe me, you can not understand this essay unless you read it. So go back and read it before you read this(if you have not read it yet)). It is not very long but it gets to the point. The logic of my ad means why did I write it it the way that I wrote it. Well, I wrote it because it was my assignment to. I wrote my moms address just in case if somebody had any questions about the product, also known as games. Speaking of games, I chose to write them as the thing that I was selling because it was the first thing that I thought of. Plus, we have a lot of them. They also have no pieces missing or broken, which is very good. I also named them all at the price of five dollars because I did not want to be too high or too low so that no one would buy it, and five dollars seemed like a very good price. And I just randomly chose those good five games. I wrote it all short because I just wanted it to be very short yet very simple with all of the things the buyers need to understand. It is what I like. Short and simple, yet, it tells everything that needs to be said. Try to write your own ad.