The lifestyle I want 20 years from now. The lifestyle I want twenty years from now starts with my family I would want to have twenty years from now. I would want to have a loving wife that loves Jesus and God and is a great mother. I would also want her to be beautiful and cook good. I would also want to have only three children that are obedient and love me, my wife, and God and Jesus.

Next is where I would live. I would want to live in a relatively small house, but if I had enough money I would want a large house. I would want to live close to family, but close enough to work so that I will always be on time for everything. I would want a house that has room for everything a regular house has and maybe a little extra.

Now it is time for what my job will be. I really hope that my job will involve herpetology, but if God does not want me to have this job but he wants me to have another job, I will not argue. I will simply just take the job he wants me to have.

Now for the rest. I would want to go to church every Sunday and read my Bible twice every day so that I will never forget what God and Jesus have done for me. And I will do devotions with my family every night and that all my family would be Christians.