The three main characters in the book, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” are Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Aunt Polly. Tom and Huck were the best of friends and got each other into all sorts of trouble. They were both very adventurous. One time they went searching for gold in a forest near the old shack without a map and it took all day. They never found anything, so they decided to come back that night to try again, but somebody else found the gold in the old shack before they did.

The two boys were also mischievous. One night they went to a graveyard with a dead cat to throw at a demon that they saw; however, there were no demons and accidentally threw the dead cat at a person and got into a lot of trouble. The boys were also lazy. When Aunt Polly told Tom to paint the fence, Tom found out a way to get his friends to do the work for him, and Aunt Polly never found out.

One day, Tom wanted some adventure, so he ran away from home with Huck and another one of his friends to become pirates. After a few days, the townspeople began wondering where they had gone. About two weeks after the boys disappeared, they began missing everyone and headed for home. That same day, the townspeople held a funeral for the boys because they thought the boys died, but in the middle of the funeral, the boys came into the church where the funeral was being held and everyone was amazed and happy to see them.

Despite their similarities, Tom and Huck had several differences. Tom did not have a mom or a dad, but he had his Aunt Polly who loved him and took care of him. Huck had a dad, but Huck’s dad was not a kind or loving person who did not take care of Huck, so Huck had to take care of himself. Because Tom had a loving aunt who took care of him, he was able to go to church and school. Since Huck did not have a moving dad, he could not go to church or school. Sometimes Huck got Tom to follow him on some adventures while Huck led it.

Aunt Polly had some similarities and differences too. Aunt Polly loves Tom and took care of him. Tom also loves Aunt Polly. They also go to church together. Aunt Polly does lots of things because she loves him. Same for Tom, because he loves his Aunt.

Aunt Polly also has several differences like Tom and Huck. Aunt Polly is a grown-up. Tom and Huck are just kids. Aunt Polly is also hard working. Not Tome, he is lazy. One more is that Aunt Polly is responsible. Not so much as for the two boys. They are very mischievous. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” is one of my favorite books.