My house is very big. It consists of twelve rooms. first, the kitchen, where we cook, do dishes, compost, and trash. Then, the dining room where we eat and use the dining room table sometimes for a school table. Then, the living room, which is where we relax, watch TV, play games, and have tons of fun. Then, between the living room and dining room is the hallway, leading to every other room in the house. In the middle of the hallway in the ceiling is a ladder you can pull down which leads to the attic. By the kitchen is the laundry room and next to the laundry room is the garage. The hallway leads to three bedrooms and one bathroom, and one bedroom leads to another bathroom.

We have a lot of furniture in the house. We have a couch and a table in the living room, a table and chairs and a bench in the dining room, a refrigerator in the kitchen to keep the food cold, and in the bedrooms, there are desks, a bookshelf to keep books on, beds to sleep on at night, and some drawers to keep our clothes in.
We also have a lot of electronics like a TV to watch things on. We also have some phones and a tablet. In one bedroom, we have a computer to do school on. In the living room, we also have a lamp to see in the dark. In the dining room, we have a microwave to heat food up, and in the kitchen we have an oven to cook food. My dad also has a speaker he turns on to listen to a song on his phone and the speaker amplifies the noise to as loud as he wants it.
There were several materials used to make the house. The cement was used to build a firm, strong foundation. We also used wood to build the doors and the floor. We also used siding to build the big, strong walls to hold up the heavy roof. Roofing was used to build the roof to keep out the rain, the sun, and other stuff like that. We used paint to make the house look pretty. We even put some insulation in! Our house built on a strong, firm foundation.