The first thing that I liked about John Lehrer’s book, A Bus of My Own, is the fact that after he had his heart attack that almost killed him, he changed his full life style entirely. He changed the way that he ate since that was probably the main reason why he got his heart attack. He said that he had the diet of a fifteen-year-old. He ate so much trash food. Like pizza, fritos, chili, candy, ice cream, chips, soda, etc. It also says that he changed his diet, which was very good for him. Instead of trash food, he ate fruit, vegetables, juice, toast, etc.

He also decided to exercise a lot to get his heart back in shape. First, he worked out in the hospital workout room. At first he didn’t want to do it, but he soon realized that exercising was very important too his life. When he returned home, he exercised every so often. He preferred walking as his main exercise. He also decided not to make any more speeches, however, before he had the heart attack, he promised his daughter that he would present a speech at her one graduation. After his heart attack he remembered that he would give a speech at the graduation. Although he promised himself not to make any more speeches, he realized that it was her one graduation. She would never get it again, so he decided to be a good father and give that speech. He even decided that he would take a nap every day to rest himself. He decided not to get angry, which was very good for him. Although I think that that was sort of hard for him. He made new friends who were in charge of rebuilding his soul, Charlie Berman and Harry Smith. What’s good is that he wrote it all down on paper to remind himself of all the things he had decided to change in his life.

I also liked it when he got a new Flxible Clipper bus from the advice of a friend. He named it Betsy two, after his first bus, Betsy. He bought it from someone who  bought it from another person who kept in his garage for fifteen years and never used it once, however, he did keep it in good shape. Lehrer was so happy after he bought the bus. It did take some getting used to, but soon he got the hang of it. He was so proud of Betsy tow that he called her a part of the family. All that next week he wrote letters to his family saying that he bought a new bus. He even sent a photograph of Betsy two in his letters. He was so exited.

John Lehrer was a very good man. He was also a American screenwriter, journalist, playwright, and novelist. He even worked with PBS NewsHour. After all of this, he must have been very famous! He died in the year two thousand twenty.