The Egyptians were fascinated with their death and the afterlife. We see this because of their interest in spirits. There are two spirits, the Ha and the Ba. After you die, the Ba goes to watch over your family and the Ha goes to enjoy a certain kind of land. At night, they go to the tomb in which the person of whom they belong to rest for the next day. The Egyptians painted food pictures on the walls of the tomb so the spirits could turn the food pictures into real food, so they could eat and live eternally.

The Egyptians make someone a mummy when they die. To make a mummy, the Egyptians first take the brain out through the nose. Then they take out the internal organs and store them in canopy jars. They put the body in oils then leave it in the oils for about 70 days. After those 70 days, they wrap the body in linen, then put the mummy in a sarcophagus, then they bury it.

The Egyptians don’t just bury people in the ground. They were also buried in pyramids. They said that if you were really rich, you could be buried with your riches, but the holes in the ground weren’t big enough for all the dead person’s riches, so they built huge pyramids so a dead person can be buried in it and hold all of their riches. There are pyramids that are still around today, so archeologists can study them and find out how the Egyptians lived.