If I was working at the Tower of Babel, I would want to be a builder. And I would want to have the Spanish language. I would feel lonely until I found people who spoke my language. I would want to live in the Middle East because it grows a lot of food and it’s very mild. I chose to live here because it’s cool enough for me to build houses for people to live in and to build fences to protect the livestock. I had some of my friends help me out too.

I also had a family. My wife and two boys and three girls. I was living in the plains. Perfect place for my livestock to grow. My boys learned how to farm and my girls learned how to cook and help their mother around the house.

I also built a plow so the oxen that I had could plow the fields. I also built a wagon so my boys could carry the food that we grow. When I’m not building things, I help my boys butcher animals. The animals we have are horses, cows, rabbits, pigs, a cat, and a dog. We butcher the cow, rabbits, and pigs. We ride the horses. We play with the cat and dog. Though I only help them with they are butchering an animal. We also have to take baths when we were done. we also live near a stream in the plains so that we can get water to drink and to pour in a big bucket so that we can take baths. The boys also have to get the food; to put in the wagon and pull it inside for the girls to can and cook the food.

Life on the plains in the Middle East is really cool. You should try it.

—The End.