Now, there was an American Army Fleet on patrol about ten miles from the nearest land. Suddenly, there was a crackle on the radio.” What is it ?” asked the captain. “I don’t know “, said the sergeant. “I’ve never heard anything like it before.” “Replay it please,” said the captain. The sergeant replayed the sound on the radio.”Sergeant” said the captain “I’d like to see you and the lieutenant in my quarters in five minutes.”

    Five minutes later, the captain, the sergeant, and the lieutenant are in the captain’s quarters discussing what they have received over the radio. The captain started the discussion by saying “a little over five minutes ago, we received an unidentified radian signal. I called this meeting to discuss what it means and where it came from.” “Maybe we caught a new enemy broadcasting signals,” said the lieutenant. “No, that can’t be,” said the captain, this is new.” The sergeant and lieutenant look at each other with scared expressions on their faces. “Please don’t tell me what I think your thinking,” said the sergeant. The captain looked at his desk and said”aliens.” Just then a crewman came down and said”Sirs, you better come see this.” The four of them went up to the deck. There was a large speck in the distance. The Captain looked through his telescope at the speck. What he saw was something that looked like an alien starship. Then little starships came out of the big one. “What is it?” asked the sergeant. “Just as I suspected,” said the captain “aliens, battle stations everyone!” 

    All Martian ships had a metallic look. They both had two lasers, one on each wing. The ships had a torpedo look. The Martian ships their attack on the smallest ship and destroyed it. “Launch all jets!” commanded the captain. The aircraft carrier launched all jets as the captain had commanded. Soon, there was an aircraft war in the skies with half of the enemy’s ships. The other half attacked the ships. “Focus all fire on the enemy starships!” commanded the captain. All battleships fired on the enemy starships as the captain had commanded. The enemy ships destroyed the aircraft carrier and two-thirds of the fleet and one-quarter of all the jets. “Sir, we have to retreat,” said the sergeant. “Yes,” said the captain, “get me the submarine. Five minutes later he was in the submarine headed away from the battle. The captain kept  thinking in the submarine, “Who or what can stop these horrible beasts?”