This is the sixth and last of these papers. I am getting very tired of these essay’s.

In this essay, the business opportunity which most intrigued me is yard work. I want to do this because I want to help my local community with there yard work since a lot of them are old people. I would do tree trimming, leaf raking, snow shoveling, mowing, or just clean up the yard. Like pick up toys, sticks, etc. I can help them get to know my business by putting a sign that says my business on the mailbox, I could put my business on face book (maybe), I could put flyers around the neighborhood and in people’s mailboxes, and I could do a whole lot more. But, there could be trouble for my business. Like competition. There could be another kid whose doing the same thing as me, and that always means that I have to get better and my business has to get better, or else I might go out of business. There might be other problems, like I do not know how to drive yet, and what if someone far away asks for my help and my parents can not drive me, or someone needs me to do something and I do not have the tools? These are great problems. I can make money doing this by putting the price of my business on my flyers or any other way I can get customers. This, however, is not a permanent job. This is just like a “stepping stone” for the way to owning an actual business.