Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process is: 1) Get attention, 2) Identify the problem or need, 3) Position your product (or service) as the solution, 4) Prove your case, 5) Ask for the order. If your are thinking of starting a business, this essay will help you (I hope).

Step 1: Get attention. To sell something you need to get the buyers attention. You may do anything to get their attention. Many restaurants or other businesses have billboards next to the highway or the road to get people interested in coming to their restaurants or using their businesses. Many little kids have lemonade stands and put a sign in front to tell people walking or driving by that there is a lemonade stand there and maybe get them to by a cup. There are many other ways to get people’s attention like an add on the internet.

Step 2: Identify the problem or need. This is easy. In the last step I mentioned billboards or signs as a way of getting attention. On those billboards you might say: “If you are having trouble with (a problem or need) than (your business name) can sure help with that!”

Step 3: Position your product (or service) as the solution. Your billboard might also say: “Here is how my business can help, (how your business can help).” That is how the third step works.

Step 4: Prove your case. This is also said as answer his questions. Pretty much all buyers have questions about your business, like, “Will this really help me?” Well, obviously your billboard or sign can not answer questions so they might try to look it up on the internet to see if it will really help them. Some sellers (or salespeople) try to sell people stuff face-to-face. This is like door-to-door selling where a salesperson walks up to a random persons door and does all of the steps that I have talked about and even answers peoples questions about the business.

Step 5: Ask for the order. also said as close the case. The salesperson after answering peoples questions asks them if they want to try the business. If they say no or not right now, better luck next time.  If they say yes, great for you! You call in an order for them and if they like it then they may tell their friends.

I hope this essay helped you. If you think I am missing something please give me feedback.