I have lost count on how many of these essays I wrote.

The business opportunity which most intrigued me is animal care. By “animal care” I mean, taking care of people’s animals when they can not, babysitting animals, walking dogs, working in a pet store, being a veterinarian, etc. Do you want to know why I have chosen this topic as “The business opportunity which most intrigued me”? Well, I love animals so much. My mom actually thinks that I have a special “way” with animals.

Also, they are God’s creation. And as it says in the Bible, we need to be good stewards of his Creation. In Genesis 2:15 it says, The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. This is a passage on God giving Adam stewardship of the Garden of Eden. You see, God gave man the stewardship of Creation from the beginning of time (if that is what you call the beginning of the earth). So it is a blessing and responsibility to take care of God’s Creation. If I were to work with animals, that would mean that I am taking care of God’s Creation, and that is a blessing.

I would also just love to work with animals. I bet that everyone who reads this would agree with me that baby animals are cute, right? I think so too. Working with cute animals would be amazing. I own two rabbits today (12/8/2021). Also me and my siblings share an ADORABLE cat named Treasure. We named her that because she is a golden color (rare for female cats), she was a stray about two weeks old when we found her in our yard (God lead her to use. If it wasn’t for her cuteness, mom and dad wouldn’t have let use keep her), and she loves every  single one of us. I love animals.