Product-based companies are companies that sell products. Products are like things that you use in your every day lives (and no, food does not count). These types of products can be toys, clothes, cooking utensils, etc. Examples of product-based companies are Target, Walmart, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, etc. In this essay I am going to tell you my top four favorite product based companies and why I like them.

#4. Walmart. Walmart is great. It has hundreds of products that we use, like shoes. Every time me and my brothers need new shoes we always go to Walmart to get new shoes. Everything there is somewhat cheap.

#3. Target. Target is a great place to go if you need stuff for cats and dogs, an amazing place to get a present or a card for someone, and me and my family just love it. Every time we need to get camping supplies or makeup (for mom) or just a present, we go there.

#2. Amazon. Amazon is an epic place to go on the internet if you want to get something that does not sell in stores. My parents use it all the time if they want to get me a book for school, and you can type up the product you want on Amazon search and it goes straight to it! You can even buy things that are out of stock.

#1. Google. Google is the greatest. I use it all the time. People use it to search up information on the internet. It is also extremely popular for a lot of people. I use it every day for school purposes. It really helps.