“ICS is the model tool for command, control, and coordination of a response and provides a means to coordinate the efforts of individual agencies as they work toward the common goal of stabilizing the incident and protecting life, property, and the environment.” ICS was organized to help people in big emergencies. Let’s say that the place you live in is about to flood. The ICS contacts the navy, the army, etc. to get you out before the place floods.

The ICS is used for many different reasons. When hazardous materials get into the air, they have to kill the bacteria in the air to make it healthy to breathe again. The ICS is also contacted for specially planned events like parades, parties, meetings, etc. They are also contacted if a fire has taken place or if somebody is lost or if something occurs that has several casualties. If any of these occurs or more, the ICS can handle it.

SAR was organized to help anyone who was lost or injured or in trouble. Specialized SAR Organizations were organized to help people who are in extreme danger like a building is about to collapse and people are still inside. The government calls in the Specialized SAR Organization and the people get in the building and get out quickly with the people who were inside before the building collapsed! Same thing in an avalanche. If you were about to get run over by an avalanche, the specialized SAR Organization would send in a helicopter and get you out of the way of the avalanche, pronto! There are also Specialized SAR canine dogs. Some need a trainer to guide them, but some canines don’t need a trainer. They can do their work without them. How cool is that?! There are SAR organizations all around the world, so wherever you are: lost, injured, etc., the search and rescue organization will always be there.