Christmas break started a couple weeks before Christmas and ended the week after new year’s eve. It was so fun. We went to The Way of Lights, which is someplace you can go where you can drive around in your car and look at a lot of lights. Also, when you look at the lights there are billions all along the way which tell you about the birth of Jesus Christ.

I also got to go to both of my grandparent’s houses with my family to spend Christmas together and open presents and have a fun time, and my uncle was going to marry my new aunt on new year’s eve, and all the cousins were going to be in it, and I got to go see one of my favorite movies in the theater with all the cousins. It is called “Star Wars 9”. One night my cousin, Peydon, came to spend the night. We stayed up really late. We played a lot of games, and we played with legos.

Over the last few days, we got to go to church, play with the thing we got from Christmas like puzzles, games, and books. we also got to play in the snow, play outside, play baseball, and a lot of other fun things like that. I love Christmas Break.