“The Taming of the Shrew” is a play written by William Shakespeare. It is about a father who has two daughters, the older sister was Katherina, the shrew, and the younger sister was Bianca, a beautiful, young lady. The play is set in Italy. It starts when Baptista Minola, the sisters’ father, says that no one shall marry Bianca until he finds a husband for Katherina, the shrew. Three suitors are fighting over who should marry the kind and beautiful Bianca. One f the men, Lucentio, swaps clothes with his servant, Tranio, so he could court Bianca in disguise. A little while later, a rich man named Petruchio came to Baptista’s house and told Baptista he wanted to marry Katherina, and Baptista gladly accepts his offer.

Even though Kathrinia was mean, lost her temper often, and was ugly, Petruchio still tried many times to convince Katrina to marry him. The three suitors were still competing to get Bionca to marry them. Bionca was impressed by Tranio’s creativeness. Not only was Kathrina mean to men, but she was also mean to her sister, Bionca.

The day of the wedding arrived. Everyone was ready, except for Petruchio who was late. When he did arrive, he was dressed in extremely sloppy clothing. Petruchio rushed the wedding because Kate’s dad changed his mind about Petruio marrying Kate, because Petruio tricked the people into thinking he was rich, but he was actually poor.

When they get home, a servant of Petrutio named Grumio explains to the other servants how they shall act when Kathrina shows up. When Kathrina and Petrutio do arrive, Kathrina goes to bed while Petrutio reveals his idea for taming her. After Bionca’s agreement to marry a suitor, Lucentio, another suitor, Hortensio, promises to marry an extremely rich widow. Petruchio and Grumiotry to tame Kathrina until she obeys whatever Petruchio says. A merchant outlines Lucentio’s and Bionca’s wedding while Lucentio made the plans to get married in secret. After the wedding, Petruchio decides to take his new bride, Kathrina, to his home town of Padua. On the way, they meet Lucentio’s father, Vincentio.

Vincentio, Kathrina, and Petruchio all return to Petrucio’s home city, Padua. Meanwhile, like they planned, Bionca and Lucentio get married in secret. Hortensio and the widow also get married. The married couples of Petruchio and Kathrina, Lucentio and Bionca, and Hortensio and the widow all have a conversation after their dinner. In the conversation, the husbands bet on their wives to see whose can be the most obedient, which tames Kathrina, the shrew. Kathrina was no longer a shrew, but a kind, loving wife.