My sister, Liberty, is so cute. She is three years old and loves to talk. When she talks, she is so funny. She loves it when I lift her up on my shoulders and walk around with her. She loves to pretend to be a puppy. She also loves to play family. My brothers and I like playing with her. She loves playing with friends. She loves to pay Calico Critters. She likes everyone. She likes to hug and kiss people. She likes having girl time with mom. She likes to have snacks, especially fruit snacks. She is just the most adorable person on earth.

One day, my mom woke me up very early, then I remembered we were going to the zoo today. My parents told me to get ready and help them and soon I got in our car with my family and drove off. When we got to the zoo we got to pet the stingrays there. The zookeepers even let me and some other feed the stingrays and squids! My parents let me and my brothers and sister see what we wanted to see. We got to see a zookeeper feed the sessions. We even got to ride the carousel. We saw tigers, leopards, a serval, and a lot more big cats. We got to see a bunch of birds in the birdhouse. At a section of the zoo called “River’s Edge,” we saw elephants, rhinos, bears, etc. In another part of the zoo, we saw chimpanzees, orangutans, and apes! I had such a fun time at the zoo.