The culture of the Saxons was extensive, but I will include only a small portion of it because I do not know a lot about it. The Saxons always had a king to rule over them. The prince is always the successor of the king, which means the prince becomes king after the previous king dies.

   the Thanes also have a high position in Saxon culture. The king gives them a large territory of land that they have to take care of. The Thanes worked for the earls who worked for the king. The knights worked for the Thanes. When there was a war going on, the Thanes would be the generals of the army.

   Wars were a problem in Saxon culture. The enemy could attack at any time when the Saxons least expected it. The enemy could take over the farms first so the city or the army could not get fresh supplies to live so that either of them could be too weak to overcome the invasion of the enemy. Another strategy is to lock people up in barns or churches and then set them on fire. It is actually extremely sad.

   I would not at all want to live there because of all the wars. There was barely enough time for peace. I read a Saxon book called “Wulf the Saxon”. It is a happy and sad book, but I liked reading it.