I am going to talk about three themes in “Treasure Island”, a book I just finished reading. Adventure is one of them. When a young boy named Jim finds an old treasure map, he begins a voyage across the ocean to find the treasure. The only problem is that pirates are looking for the map to find the treasure before Jim and his friends get it. It takes a whole lot of courage to find the treasure before the pirates find it, which brings me to my next theme: courage.

   Courage is very important in a super long journey to find treasure, especially against pirates. Courage helps Jim to be brave while the pirates are trying to find him and the map. Courage also helps the ship’s crew, the captain, and the doctor to be brave in times of trouble. When Jim finds out that the ship’s cook and some of the crew are actually the pirates who are looking for the treasure map, it takes courage to stand up to them! The captain, the doctor, and Jim will need more courage than ever before to defeat the pirates.

   The last theme of this paper is loyalty. Loyalty is also very important as well. Jim stayed loyal to Captain Smollett, even when there were more pirates than loyal crew. He also was loyal to a hermit named Ben Gunn who lived on the island. Long John Silver was not loyal to anyone, the captain or his pirates. You would probably need these three themes to write an exciting book.