One, cold Friday night, some boys and I were supposed to camp, but it was canceled so we got to spend some of the night at my Dad’s Shire. We could not camp out there because there was not enough room for all the tents, so we had to just stay there for a while. We had a fire, hot chocolate, and lots of fun. We even have a swing and a zip line there!

   Later, my friend Jaden and I wanted to get to the bottom of the zip line through the woods, but my brother Wyatt wanted to come along with us. Jaden and I did not want him to come with us, but we had to take him with us.

   When we were about halfway there, it started snowing really, really hard; so hard, in fact, that we could not see very well. Wyatt brought along a flashlight, so he went in front to lead the way to light the way for us and regretted not wanting Wyatt to come along. We eventually got back to the others and the fire and warmed ourselves up a bit.

   When it stopped snowing the result was that we got really cold and snow was all over the place. Fortunately, we had hot chocolate to warm ourselves up and we played for a while or just sat by the fire till it was time to go home.