‘First come, first served’ simply means that people will be served according to the order in which they arrive or apply. It is like concert tickets. If you come first, you get served (get the tickets) first. However, if you do not come first, but a lot later, the tickets will probably be sold out. This is kind of like another quote I heard once, ‘you snooze, you lose’. And this is totally true. It is used all the time today.

‘High bid wins’ is like at an auction. Whoever pays the most, or offers up the highest bid, wins or gets the product being offered.

Each of these ‘quotes’ are used every day today, and they are everywhere. They are also distributed to the companies who sell products according to the buyers. For example, you would not put groceries up for auction to the highest bidder, or vice versa. It just does not work that way. In what areas of my life would I prefer ‘first come, first served’ to ‘high bid wins’? Like I just said, I would prefer ‘first come, first served’ to stores, among other things. I just think that the economy is fine just the way it is. ‘First come, first served’ is used by the companies that should be using it anyway, and ‘high bid wins’ is used exactly were it should be used. The economy is not perfect, but these two ‘quotes’ are being practiced by the companies that should be using them.