According to Wikipedia, “Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English novelist, short-story writer, poet, and journalist. He was born in British India, which inspired much of his work. Kipling’s works of fiction include the Jungle Book duology, Kim, the Just So Stories and many short stories, including “The Man Who Would Be King”.” What is one of Kipling’s copybook headings that applies to recent public opinion? According to Poem Analysis, “‘The Gods of Copybook Headings’ by Rudyard Kipling was published in 1919. The speaker of this piece is interested in “copybook headings.” Now mostly unknown, copybook headings were short phrases written by teachers at the top of a piece of paper. These sentences were then copied by students, over and over, in order to improve their handwriting. Generally, these phrases were expressions of traditional wisdom about life.  Things that teachers could easily convey to students and ideally, might inspire them to work harder or be better.” So what is one of these copybook headings that apply to recent public opinion? Honestly, it is very hard to understand these copybook headings. I would say that a lot of them refer to recent public opinion from what I’ve gathered, though, I just don’t know which.