In what ways did revenge figure into the strategies of the countries fighting in World War II? If you go and read and learn about the entire World War II, then you will find a lot of revenge “stories”. Here are just a few: To begin with, when World War I ended, many people thought that Germany was the cause of the war, and Germany mostly was. So Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles, take the guilt of starting the war, pay reparations, Germany lost territory, and was forced to keep a small military. So Germany was super angry with this, so when Hitler came to power, he began to build a secret military and stock up on an army and weapons. Then when Hitler thought Germany was ready, be attacked Czechoslovakia and Poland, so then World War II started. Now, I know that Hitler just wanted to make Germany strong and wealthy again, but I can not help but wonder if revenge was woven into Hitler’s ambitions. I mean, what if Hitler also wanted revenge on the world for making it pay all these payments to the rest of the world for starting the war? It could be.

Also, the United States acted on revenge too. Let me tell you how. So you know about the Bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, right? Well, the day after the bombing, the United States declared war on Japan, thereby acting on revenge.

Also, the countries who were fighting in the war acted on revenge all the time. When an enemy invaded or attacked there territory or an allies territory, they attacked the country who attacked them first.

The war was partly built on revenge!