In this essay, I will discuss three questions given to me by my teacher explaining the brutality of World War II.

#1: Did World War II become more brutal as time went on? I believe it did. In the beginning of the war, only a few countries were involved, so the war was brutal, however, it became more brutal as time went on because more countries were joining half way into the war, like the United States. I think that the more countries that were in a war the more brutal it becomes.

#2: In what ways? In what ways did WWII become more brutal as time went on? Well, as I told you, I think that the more countries there are in a war, the more brutal it becomes, but also because new weapons and inventions were being used by the armies of the different countries to help them win the war. Like planes, ships, and even tanks. Planes could drop bombs on the enemy army to weaken them, and ships were used in Naval warfare. And also the tank could be used by the army to fire missiles at the enemy army. So weapons are a way that the war became more brutal later in the war.

#3: Was the brutality on only one side? No, of course not! Brutality could be used on both sides of the war, it just depends on how they use it. Sure, some countries could be more brutal than others, but that does not change the fact that brutality could be used by anyone in a war.