It was rainy and wet

But for camp, I was all set
My mom said, “Hurry, get in the van quick
I really don’t want you to get sick.”
For breakfast we had Chick-fil-A
Thankfully there were no more delays
When I got to the church I got checked in
Then I said good-bye to my kin
Finally, it was time to get on the bus
I was nervous, but in Jesus I did trust
When I got to camp, I found my cabin
I chose a bed and that’s what I slept in
In the cafeteria, we ate our meals
It made my belly have good feels in the afternoon the teams played games
I learned a lot of new names
My team was very dandy
My team leader was Mr. Randy
After games, we went for a swim in the pool
The water was nice and cool
Twice a day we had church in the chapel
For a snack, we had an apple
We had quizzing practice every day
Then every night we did pray
At last, my week of camp was through
I hope I didn’t forget a shoe