Dawn broke through the clouds in a pinkish color as the sun broke through the darkness to start a new day. I awoke from a deep sleep in my warm, comfy bed. I looked out my large window and it said good morning to the awakening farm. My dog whimpered against my leg, whimpering for food. It was 5:30 AM when I ran down the steps to do my early morning chores. First, I fed my dog, then I went to feed the chickens, horses, and cows. I milked all the cows, and when I was done, I got four filled buckets with milk! Then my dog and I headed the cows and horses out into the green field where they ate. I gathered the eggs and brought them inside for my mom to make breakfast. I found my mom making breakfast and gave her the egg to work with. When she was done, my dad, mom, older brother, and I ate a sweet, buttery, pancake breakfast.

My mom said, “Hurry, you don’t want to be late for school.” I got ready as quickly as I could. I put on school clothes, got my backpack, school books, and my pencil. When I got ready to leave, my dad reminded me that if I do good in school, we could go fishing. I headed out the door and walked to school.

When I got to school, I sat down in my chair and listened to my assignment. I was to write an essay on the seven continents. When I got home, I showed my parents my essay. I got an A+! “Well,” said my dad, “I guess we’re going fishing this afternoon.” I was so excited.

Half an hour later, we went to the big blue lake. I could see so many fish. There were bluegill, sardines, and so much more. We got the fishing rods and put the worms on the hooks. We cast out the fishing lines and caught seven big, fat fish. We brought them home and gave two of them to mom to make dinner. The rest, we saved for another time. Then we took nice, warm showers. When we were done, the hot tuna fish dinner was ready.

After dinner, we had evening devotions. That night, it was Proverbs 24. Then we got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth until they were clean. Then, I got my P.J.s on. Then I kissed and hugged my parents goodnight. I needed all the sleep I could get. Tomorrow is another big day.