Terror arose when the dragon came into the village just outside the castle and burnt it. The dragon took all the livestock it could carry and flew back to its cave in the mountains. King Aurthur held a meeting at the round table just as the dragon left. “No good can come of this,” he said. “Someone must go vanquish that creature.”

“Yes, someone with enough courage and bravery to destroy that beast, once and for all,” said a knight.

“Yes, but who will go?” said another.

Soon all the knights started arguing about who should go. It seemed like forever when finally Lancelot shot up out of his chair and declared that he would go defeat the dragon. When he said that, all thee knights stopped arguing and listened to Lancelot. After Lancelot finished, all the knights were extremely happy and helped him get ready.

When Lancelot was ready, the next day, he set out for the mountains to slay the dragon. It was a dark, cold night in the mountains when Lancelot got to the dragon’s cave. He decided to camp out just a few feet from the mouth of the cave. In the morning, Lancelot stepped inside the cave and found the dragon sleeping near a big pile of bones. Lancelot crept over to the dragon and was about to slay it until he accidentally stepped on a bone and broke it which awoke the dragon. It roared at Lancelot and swung its tail at him. It hit Lancelot and knocked him to the ground. As the dragon chomped at Lancelot, he chopped off the dragon’s head.

He returned to the village, victorious with the dragon’s head. Everyone was extremely happy to see him with the dragon’s head. They were so happy, in fact, that they held a feast in his honor. The village and the kingdom were forever peaceful.